The 10 Celebrity Dream Closets You Should To See Now

Aside from our dream wedding, there is one thing that every girl dreams about having in her life–her dream closet. Having a closet filled with Chanel, Fendi, and Louboutins (oh my!) is something that you only see in the Sex & The City movies or if you just so happen to marry a British Prince and move across the pond to go live in a castle (Hey, Meghan Markle). A closet full of designer clothes, shoes and bags is the perfect fairytale ending (after finding Prince Charming of course) that little girls dream about and hold onto until we are much older, with the possibility of making it all come true.  If you’re a celebrity though, making that dream a reality is a lot easier when you’ve got the cash (and the contractor) to make it all happen. These celebrities held nothing back and went all out when designing their dream closets and we are completely SWOONING at their closets.

Embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw and check out these 10 celebrity closets for some vision board inspo.

Kimora Lee Simmons

Former model and fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons gave her closet more of a boutique feel when it came to the design. Featuring muted colors, an island dresser, an impressive jean collection (500 pairs and counting) and 35 custom-made Birkin bags, Simmons channeled her inner Cher Horowitz and has a photo on her computer of every item in her closet cataloged to make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. Can you imagine? As if!

Mariah Carey

The Grammy Award-winning songstress has a closet that not only matches her over-the-top voice but the self-proclaimed diva’s personality. Carey’s notorious closet was first featured on the former MTV show Cribs, where fans totally lost it when they saw Carey’s floor-length closet! Following 9/11 Carey’s NYC penthouse was affected by the tragedy and she was forced to rebuild and start over which of course meant that it was time for an upgrade. Carey’s closet features marble floors, pink and gold accents throughout and a shoe collection with more than 1,000 pairs of shoes on display. Le Sigh.

Khloe Kardashian

Like her sisters, fans of  Keeping Up With Kardashians are no stranger to getting a glimpse of the sisters’ over the top (and completely drool-worthy) closets. With each sister having their own personal style, fans have gotten a chance to get an in-depth look at the girl’s individual style and personal flair. As the most outspoken and rambunctious of the sisters, Khloe’s recent love of all things fitness became all the more real when she created and designed her very own workout closet, embracing her inner “gym-rat.” The 150-foot closet is dedicated entirely to Khloe’s fitness wardrobe including every color of running shoe you could think of, drawers and drawers of perfectly organized sports bras and a fridge full of only the best H2O. If looking at Khloe’s closet doesn’t inspire you to head to the gym, we don’t know what will.

Kendall Jenner

Like her big sister Khloe, model Kendall Jenner’s closet just goes to show that if you work really hard (and are one of the highest paid young models of today), you can design and have the closet of your dreams. The supermodel showed off her designer decked out closet to Vogue and the fashionista’s closet didn’t disappoint.

Heather Dubrow

Actress and  OC housewife Heather Dubrow took us inside her perfectly immaculate black and white closet, and from the looks of the tour, Dubrow’s closet looks like it came straight out of a fairytale–literally. Dubrow’s closet not only has glitter floors, but sparkly cabinet handles. As if that’s not extra enough, Dubrow’s champagne doorbell ensures that your glass is empty, signaling staff to make sure bottles are on deck at all times.

Paris Hilton

Before the Kardashians and Jenners were giving us closet envy, Beverly Hills most notorious socialite Paris Hilton was giving us major #closetgoals. Hilton’s closet is what socialites closets are made of. Featuring mirrored shelves,  hot pink mini mannequins to display her jewelry, lucite dressers and oh, yea–a crystal chandelier, Hilton’s closet is one fit for a reality tv princess. During a closet tour with Vogue, Hilton revealed that she keeps her closet stocked with Juicy Couture tracksuits, hundreds of jeans and a thousand or so purses. Now that’s hot.

Adrienne Houghton

Former Cheetah Girl and talk show host Adrienne Houghton (nee Bailon) traded in her cheetah print for a more sophisticated look when she married her hubby Israel Houghton in 2016. Since shacking up, the happy couple has designed a more functional (but still fabulous) closet.

Jennifer Lopez

Bronx native Jennifer Lopez combined her New York City swag with Hollywood’s Glitz and Glam to create her closet. Featuring a floor to ceiling ladder to assist in reaching her floor-to-ceiling shelves, Lopez revealed that she likes to keep things separate and houses her clothes and her shoes in different rooms.

Lisa Vanderpump

When fans first got a glimpse of British reality star and former model Lisa Vanderpump’s closet on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, jaws dropped as we all got to see Vanderpumps all white, lavishly large closet filed to the masses with designer clothes, shoes, accessories and tons and tons of pink.

Cindy Crawford

Legendary model Cindy Crawford worked hard for her money and she used that money to craft a larger than life closet that is just as glamorous as she is. Crawford’s closet features a walk-in, a dressing room, a vanity, a bathroom and for those moments when you want to bask in all your gloriousness in natural light–a balcony. How chic.

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