Pete Davidson Did Not Send Intimate Photos Of Ariana Grande To Mac Miller Before He Passed

The couple of the summer, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson called off their engagement this week. On October 14, 2018, TMZ broke the news that Grande and Davidson were no more. Since then the two haven’t been seen out and haven’t spoken on their whirlwind romance ending.

Ariana Grande Pete Davidson

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Countless stories have been posted about their breakup. Grande supposedly returned her ring already, Davidson is moving out of her apartment and Grande is keeping their pet pig Piggy Smallz.

There was also a report going around that Davidson sent intimate photos of himself and Grande to Grande’s late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller before he died. The post is crediting TMZ as the source. The full title reads:

“According to TMZ, Pete Davidson sent intimate photos with Ariana to Mac Miller as a way to end the rapper’s hopes about her. Ariana discovered this this weekend form Mac’s relatives and ended the relationship.”

Miller past away in September of this year. Grande posted a tribute to her ex on her Instagram. Obviously, a headline claiming that Davidson sent Miller photo’s before his death would get an emotional response. This rumor has since gone viral making Miller’s and Grande’s respective fans believe it’s true.

Only some fans have realized that this headline credits TMZ with no link to the original story because it doesn’t exist. According to BuzzFeed, there “was no evidence to support that claim” of Davidson sending Miller photos “in any of the reports” written by TMZ.

TMZ has reported that Miller’s “death was the tipping point” and caused Grande’s and Davidson’s split. But in that post, there is no claim about photos being sent to Miller.

Grande and Davidson haven’t spoken out about their breakup yet. Grande wrote an ominous post on her Instagram story saying she’ll be off the internet for a while alluding to her breakup.

“It’s hard not to bump [into] news and stuff that I’m not tryna see right now,” she wrote. “It’s very sad and we’re all trying very hard to keep goin.”

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