Kim Kardashian Is Launching Two New KKW Body Fragrances

For a  few days, Kim Kardashian and KKW Fragrance have been teasing new body perfumes on Instagram. They recreated Kim’s photoshoot from the original KKW Body campaign with different bodies, showing diversity in body type and race. The photos were edited to be Instagram safe, but they are still racy.

Kim announced that she is not just dropping one new KKW Body fragrance, but two. The bottles are the same shape as the original bottle but just a different color, gray and brown.

The first fragrance called KKW Body II is described as a “sparkling, beachy floral opening with notes of Bergamot, Mandarin and Neroli and finishes with a rich Musk and creamy Coconut Milk, wrapping your skin in a golden warmth.”

It’s unsure which bottle KKW Body II will be.

The second new fragrance is called KKW Body III and is a unisex fragrance. This is the first perfume Kardashian has created that is unisex. The beauty businesswoman described the unisex scent as “modern, woody floral opening with Pink and Black Pepper and finished with layers of creamy Sandalwood, luxe Cedarwood, Vetiver and Vanilla.”

Both fragrances will be available to purchase online on November 2. Kim and KKW Fragrance haven’t announced the price of the two new fragrances, but the original KKW Body perfume retails for $60.

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