Demi Lovato Is Living Part-Time In A Sober House After Rehab

After Demi Lovato completed her 90 days of sobriety in rehab, she is now living in a sober house part-time.

According to TMZ, Demi is spending three days a week at the sober house where she will receive counseling. The other four days of the week she will be staying at a private home in Los Angeles. She’s currently trying to sell her old home where she overdosed in July.

On top of staying at the halfway house, Lovato is also attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Lovato has also been hanging out with fellow sober friend Henry Levy.

“Henry and Demi met a few years ago in rehab,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “They hit it off immediately and became fast friends. Henry takes his sober life very seriously and, when Demi sadly relapsed, they lost touch for some time.”

“Henry is exactly the friend Demi needs right now. He is a perfect sober friend for her,” the source added. “Her friends feel he is a positive influence on her.”

This isn’t the first time Lovato has lived in a sober house. In her YouTube documentary Simply Complicated, she talks about her battle with addiction.

Back in 2012 Lovato finally decided to live a sober life and was living in a sober apartment with roommates and no cell phone. At that time she was 19-years-old and a judge on X Factor. No one knew that she was living in a sober home.

“What nobody knows is that while she is a judge, she’s living in a sober apartment, with roommates and is having to do chores,” her manager Phil McIntyre said. “She has no cell phone. She is is completely and totally submitted to the process of recovery.”

Living in a sober home is something Lovato is familiar with and it helped her the first time around, so hopefully, it will help this time.

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