SZA Boyfriends 2022: Who Is SZA Dating Now?

SZA, whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe, is a 28-year-old American singer. She debuted in 2012 with her EP See.SZA.Run.

Her debut studio album Ctrl was released in June of 2017 and debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 and was eventually certified platinum. The R&B singer was nominated for five Grammy awards, and her album Ctrl was ranked one of the best albums in 2017 by Time.

2017 was SZA’s break-out year. Her album Ctrl becoming a hit for it relatability with relationships. Now, everyone has taken an interest in her personal life and who she’s singing about in her songs.

Who is SZA dating? Is she single and taken? Well, unfortunately, the singer isn’t open about her current love life. Although she talks about previous relationships with her vulnerable lyrics, she rarely talks about her love life in interviews or on her social media.

So, if SZA is seriously seeing someone at the moment, then she is keeping that on the down low for right now. Based on her music history and past interviews it seems like she’s either only casually seeing someone or she’s taking this time to be single and enjoying finding herself.

Last summer SZA had an interview with the radio show The Breakfast Club, and one of the hosts asked her if she was dating anyone. She hesitated with her response saying ‘um’ a couple times. This certainly could have meant she was hiding a relationship she wasn’t ready to speak about, but then she talked about why it was important for her to take some time for herself.

“I feel like right now, I’m in a space where I’ve never been before in my life, and I don’t know anything about myself, so I’m learning about myself, and honestly I think I was in a lot of these unhealthy relationships because I didn’t have enough self-love built up and I fixed the way I felt about myself, so these situations didn’t happen to me anymore. You can’t be scared to be lonely,” SZA explained in the interview.

In her album Ctrl, she sings about “unhealthy relationships” with lyrics like ‘Leave me lonely for prettier women/You know I need too much attention’ and many more.

So is SZA dating anyone at the moment? Well, it’s hard to say since the singer is very private about her love life. But maybe one day she will become comfortable with sharing a future relationship with the world.


There was rumored that SZA got married secretly in 2018 but no legal confirmation what so ever has been disclosed.

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