This Woman Hasn’t Washed Her 6 FOOT Long Hair For 20 YEARS

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Hair is a love-it or list-it part of the body. Wake-up in the morning, style your hair then leave for the day hoping somebody will compliment your new ‘do. If you’re like me you spend a total of 2 minutes on the morning routine, which consists of brushing hair, then walking out of the door. Otherwise, you might fall into the average of 22 and-a-half minutes getting ready in the morning, according to Yahoo.

Getting ready in the morning might be time-consuming, but how much do those products cost? Shampoos and conditioners have a wide range of prices, depending on what hair you have and brand names. Luckily Frankie Cluney, a woman who hasn’t cut her hair in 15 years, doesn’t have to spend much on hair washing products because she hasn’t washed her hair in almost 20 years.

What Made Her Stop Washing Her Hair?

The 32-year-old woman admired art books as a child and was drawn to the images of women with long hair in a fantasy world. This led to Frankie deciding to stop cutting her hair as a teenager after her mother’s friend suggested it.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Frankie explained, “When I was 13 my hair was probably waist length and already then it was really heavy, it was really thick and I never really enjoyed washing it because it was so difficult to get all of the product out with the shower and just takes so long to dry.”

After starting the no-wash routine, Frankie experienced a very greasy look and an itchy scalp.

Daily Routine

Frankie’s floor-length hair takes an hour-and-a-half to detangle. She doesn’t use any products on her hair and combs her hair intermittently. Her hair has so much weight in it that strong knitting needles are required to pin her hair into a bun.

She works as a life drawing model and doesn’t plan on cutting her six-foot long hair anytime soon.

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