Kylie Jenner Shows Fans How To Get Her Astroworld Tour Makeup Look

Kylie Jenner is currently on the road with her “hubby” Travis Scott and their baby Stormi Webster for Travis’ Astroworld Tour.

Kylie has been turning out looks for the tour. Most recently Kylie’s been sporting black and grey winter wear with pops of bright pink eyeshadow. She shared with her fans how to recreate her hot pink makeup in her latest Get Reay With Me On Tour YouTube video.

At first, Kylie starts with the Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Eyeshadow Palette. She defines her crease with some cool tone browns. Kylie then uses a brown Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pomade as eyeliner. She lined her lids with a dark brown for a softer look.


After she finishes with her liner, she picked up Stormi and showed her in the video. “Alright liner is on and Stormi is awake,” Kylie sings to the camera before giving Stormi a big kiss on the cheek.


Then she uses her Sippin Pretty Eyeshadow palette from her 21st Birthday Collection. Kylie grabs a matte pink color called On The List from the palette and places it on the tear ducts of her eyes. She then intensifies the color by going over it in a hot pink color called Pretty.

After she completes her eyes, she finished her mascara off camera. Kylie then uses her Winter Kiss blush from her 2018 Holiday collection. “I’m going to use Winter Kiss blush, my holiday blush. It’s out of stock, but I’ll let you guys know when it’s coming back,” she stated.

Kylie then put the blush all over the apples of her cheeks and her chin. Then she used Fiji Ultra Glow as a highlighter on her cheekbones. Kylie then lined her lips with her Iced Latte lip liner. She closed her eyes while lining her lips, an homage to her Vogue Beauty Secrets video.


Then Kylie debuted the Astroworld Lip Kit that she made specifically for the Astroworld tour. You can only buy them at the merch tables on tour. She used the Savage liquid lipstick from the Lip Kit to finish the look.


After her makeup was done Kylie walked over to her closet to pick out her outfit for the day.

“So me and Travis have our own room and then I always get a separate room so I can put all the clothes,” Kylie said before Stormi started loudly babbling. “So I always get a separate room for my wardrobe and makeup and Stormie, so she can play around and have more space in hotel rooms because she always travels with us.”

Kylie then explained how she plans out all of her outfits before packing for the trips. She then picked out her the grey and black outfit she was wearing in her Instagram.

Watch the full video below:

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