Ariana Grande Covered Up A Pete Davidson Tattoo With A Tribute To Mac Miller

Ariana Grande is slowly covering up all of her Pete Davidson tattoos (there were a lot) and her most recent cover-up is a tribute to the late Mac Miller.

Over the summer Ariana got the number “8418” tattooed on her foot right below her ankle. The number is the firefighter badge of Pete’s late father, who died on 9/11 during the Twin Tower attacks.

Since Ariana and Pete broke up there is no reason for her to keep a tattoo honoring his late father. In her “Thank U, Next” behind the scenes video Grande debuted her new cover-up tattoo. While practicing the “Thank U, Next” bend and snap, Ariana said, “Look at my Myron. Guys, come look. How cool right?”

She was showing off her new tattoo of the word “Myron” that is covering up her old “8418” tattoo.

After Mac died, Ariana adopted his dog, Myron. Mac originally adopted Myron in January 2017, while he and Ariana were dating. Myron is a pitbull mix and was adopted from the Wylder’s Holistic Pet Center.

Pete’s father’s FDNY number means a lot to him. He also has the number tattooed on him and even wears his dad’s FDNY pendant with his badge number on it. While Pete and Ariana were engaged he let Ariana wear the real pendant which caused some backlash from fans.

This isn’t the first tattoo cover up Ariana has done. Recently, she covered up her “Pete” tattoo on her finger with a black heart.