The 7 Unique Gifts For A Friend Who Has Everything

Well, it’s that time of year again. First, there was Galentine’s Day, then there was a birthday or two, Friendsgiving, now the final holiday, Christmas. Isn’t it a relief to almost be done gift giving? Friends are fantastic, and the show might be just as good, but they can be exhausting to get gifts for each holiday. You need to get presents for your cleverly nicknamed crew, mine’s Hermit Hangout, but you don’t know where to start.

Decide on whether or not you want to do one whole group gift, such as a night out at the ice skating rink, or individual gifts tailored to their personalities. If you decide on individual gifts, you’ve chosen right! Nothing feels better than opening a thoughtful gift…well, fresh pizza and cake feel better, but you catch my drift. Getting a meaningful gift for that one friend who has everything is the biggest challenge of Santa season, but we’ve made it easy for you!

1. Collage Blanket

Collage blanket


Chances are your friend has a plethora of blankets, but does she have a blanket with a collection of your favorite moments together? Not yet. Collage is having a sale for their super soft plush photo blanket, which means you can get the luxurious home addition for $45.

2. Favorite Activity

Group of friends ice skating outside during the winter


You can have all the materials in the world but they wouldn’t mean anything without the memories of those who have given them to you. Treat the friend who’s been there with you through it all to their favorite activity.

3. Chart of Insults



Your friend has everything, but do they have the power of literary insults? I think not! Uncommongoods has this item on sale for $25, but be ready to get burned by a new scholar.

4. Squatty Potty

Help your friend become a unicorn with the $25 Squatty Potty from Amazon. It’s a real life-changer.

5. Dundie Award

Is your friend the hottest in the office? Get them a dundie to show it off! There are many choices on what the dundie can say, but they’re only $10.99 on Etsy.

6. Travel Scratch Map

If your friend already has everything, maybe they’ve traveled around the world. Help them remember with the creative travel scratch map for $30 from Amazon.

7. Nothing



Feel like pulling a funny? Get them the gift of nothing for $8 from IWOOT.

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