LISTEN: Lil Jon & Kool-Aid Man Join Forces To Create Sweet Christmas Song

Christmas lists have been finalized, so, be honest, who asked for a childhood hero, Kool-Aid man, to make an appearance in a rap video? I know I didn’t, but hear me out. Kool-Aid was the drink of choice, behind regular soda and Caprisun, as a child. Running chaotically on the soccer field, dreaming about the wild flavors that only Kool-Aid could satisfy.

Now that I’m fully into adulthood, ha, nope, I don’t get the chance to drink Kool-Aid as much, I have to be responsible and drink water. Can’t have my kidneys betraying me at 22-years-old for not drinking enough water, can I? I might still order chicken fingers off the kid menu, but I don’t go to the grocery store to get Kool-Aid. That part of my life has sailed, until today. Lil Jon just made a hit track with the Kool-Aid man, and we are here for it. Do yourself a favor and watch this crazy new addition to the music world.

All I Really Want For Christmas

The rapper, Lil Jon, is best known for hit songs, “Turn Down for What” and “Yeah!”, which he won a collaborative Grammy award for. Lil Jon hasn’t released a new solo song since 2010 when he released the album, Crunk Rock.

On December 17, 2018, he released “All I Really Want For Christmas“, which has gone viral for all the right reasons. The official music video opens with Lil Jon sitting by a grand piano with a glass of red Kool-Aid when, all of a sudden, the glass starts to shake. Moments later, BAM! The Kool-Aid man appears and he is evidently ready for Christmas.

Dance parties ensue, snow is flying everywhere, and Santa makes an appearance. This video has it all, and now my Christmas list is finally complete thanks to Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid man.