The Awkward Middle School Dance Throwback Soundtrack [Listen To This]

If you’re ever having a particularly awful day, just think back to middle school. In some ways, life was simpler — your parents paid for everything because they had to, a perfect outfit consisted of a chic aF Juicy sweatsuit, and as long as you knew all the moves to Soulja Boy you were golden.
Nothing was more awkward than a middle school dance. The boys were all wearing AND1 and way too sweaty. The girls spent hours getting ready, perfecting glittery eye makeup and candy colored lips. Both parties were impossibly nervous, because they didn’t yet have booze to dull their awkward encounters (which is why all sorority parties look like middle school dances until the liquor starts flowing). Inevitably, the girls were approximately a foot taller than all the boys, which made for some seriously awkward slow dancing (especially if the couple saved room for Jesus).
Whether your version of a middle school dance was a camp social, a bar mitzvah, or a good old fashioned grind sesh in the school cafeteria (barely disguised with punch and streamers), these dirty, dirty grooves will make you realize that you had no idea what anything you listened to in middle school actually meant (hopefully).
Even if you considered yourself decidedly ~alternative~ and had the super scene Myspace to prove it, you still dropped it low with your peers when the sweet beats of Blu Cantrell came through the fuzzy speakers.
Whether you’re getting ready for an epic night out or you just want to relive your glory days, this middle school playlist has every dirty rap jam you learned how to grind to.
[spotify id=”spotify:user:mabrams1:playlist:6QYyQOkOscWdUWpJwn0MXP” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]
No matter how rough life gets, take comfort in knowing that you’ll never again be as awkward as you were in middle school.

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