Selena Gomez Is Officially Out Of Psychiatric Facility After Two Months

In October Selena Gomez entered a mental health treatment program for an emotional breakdown and now she’s finally out.

Gomez was supposedly freaking out on her low white blood cell count, which was caused by her kidney transplant. She supposedly had a “meltdown” and was freaking out. She left the hospital and entered a psychiatric facility on the east coast. Gomez supposedly received dialectical behavior therapy, DBT.

But now Gomez is out and happy and healthy. She is currently on a ski vacation with her friends. Gomez’s friends Connar Franklin and Bailee Madison posted photos of the three on the slopes.

“She’s feeling much better and looking forward to getting back to normalcy,” a source close to Gomez told People magazine. “She’s spending time with friends and family.”

Back in October, Gomez went to the hospital for complications for her kidney transplant. Then the next day she went back to the hospital for the same low blood cell complications. But while at the hospital, Gomez suffered a panic attack.

According to TMZ, after Gomez was admitted to the hospital she wanted to leave but wasn’t allowed to. “We’re told Selena has ‘a meltdown’ and ‘freaked out.’ Selena tried ripping the IVs out of her arm. Several sources called the episode ‘an emotional breakdown.'”

After her panic attach she entered the psychiatric facility to receive DBT. Gomez has undergone DBT before for other mental health illnesses. Before she entered the facility Gomez posted on her Instagram that she was going to take a break from social media.

“Update: taking a social media break. Again. As much as I am grateful for this voice that social media gives each of us I am equally grateful to be able to step back and live my life present to the moment I have been given,” Gomez wrote back in September.

Gomez was in the psychiatric facility for roughly two months.

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