These Are 7 Fool-Proof Instagram Tips To Enhance Your Feed

Since its creation in 2010, Instagram has been dominating millions of screens everywhere. Throughout the seven years, many things have changed, and with that standards have also increased. It’s definitely harder to build a brand nowadays compared to Instagram’s humble beginnings when there were fewer competitors. Currently, it’s harder to be original as we’ve all been tempted to follow the idea of someone else, whether it’s a pose or editing technique. Follow these hacks to boost your feed, and up your skills in the least amount of time.

1. Authenticity > Edited Perfection

If editing out that breakout makes you feel more confident, go at it, but not everything needs Photoshop. We see celebrities called out all the time for it, and believe it or not, but most would rather see your relatable flaws than just another carefully edited photo.

2. Bright Photos Tend To Do Better Than The Opposite

While there’s always beauty to nighttime photos, daytime pictures with bright sunlight tend to do the best. There’s less editing needed on your end and you won’t even need professional lighting. If you’re indoors, set yourself, or your subject, facing the window instead of having it behind you. Also, you can never go wrong with photos with hints of blue.

3. Self-Deprecate, But To An Extent

There’s a reason why @girlwithnojob is so successful, and it’s because the memes she used and captions she writes are so relatable. She says things like, “Biologically, you’re not a woman unless 3/7 nights a week include a mental breakdown in your closet,” or “I’m on the beach and I have a body so there you go! I’m showing off my winter bod comfortably.”

4. It’s Your Job To Direct The Photographer

Sadly, we can’t always have a photographer who knows our good side following us wherever we go, which is why directing whoever’s behind your phone is key. It could be your Uber driver or the woman you stopped on the street who doesn’t own a smartphone. Have them get somewhat close to the floor and snap a pic from a low angle. This technique elongates your figure and makes you look longer than you actually are, no Photoshop needed.

5. Work With The Environment Around You

An environment can make you look good, but it’s also up to you to do vice versa. Unless you’re in Santorini, then you’ll probably look bomb no matter what. Take time to interact with your background, from slowly walking down a slope, resting your shoulder on a wall, or sitting down in a spot around you.

6. Posing Can Make Or Break The Photo

You can edit a photo as much as you want, from lighting to getting rid of background objects, but you can’t edit a pose. Posing sets the first draft of a photo and creates layers, or lack thereof. If you want an OOTD, besides reminding your photographer not to crop out your shoes, have yourself crossing your ankles and slightly tip-toeing to make the picture look a little more dynamic. If you’re sitting on stairs, have one foot ahead of the other.

7. Say Bye To Blurry Photos With An iPhone Setting

If your subject is on the move, go to camera on your iPhone and keep pressing on the screen until the words, AE/ AF LOCK appears. Blurry photos, begone!

And last, but not least, don’t forget to smize. Happy snapping!

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