Beyonce Is Bribing Her Fans To Go Vegan For Free Concert Tickets

Beyonce is not playing around when it comes to going vegan. She wants her fans to go vegan so badly she is willing to give out free tickets to her shows for life if you take on the no animal byproduct lifestyle.

On Instagram, Beyonce promoted the vegan brand The Greenprint Project. The Greenprint Project has teamed up with 22 Day Nutrition, a vegan meal prep service Beyonce and Jay-Z co-own along with their life coach Marco Borges.

The Greenprint Project shows users how just one meatless and dairy free meal can benefit the environment. Fans can sign-up and pledge to change their dietary habits for a chance to wine Beyonce and Jay-Z tickets for life.

No, this is not some elaborate Fyre Festival scam, Beyonce promoted the giveaway herself.

All you have to do is enter your full name and email address to enter the contest. Beyonce and Jay-Z can’t check and make sure you’re following up on your vegan pledge, but it’s best not to cross Beyonce.

Beyonce typically goes vegan to prep for big moments. Before her Coachella set, she went vegan 44 days beforehand to prepare herself for an iconic performance.

If being vegan is good enough for Beyonce it’s definitely good enough for you.

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