Kendall Jenner Reveals She “Cried Endlessly For Days” From Online Hate

Kendall Jenner is gracing the cover of Allure‘s March issue. The model talks to the magazine about her beauty and hair routine, what she’s loving right now and her struggle with acne.

When asked about how she feels about the public’s reaction to her breakouts, specifically from a social media point, Jenner reveals she is “not superhuman.”

“I have cried endlessly for days because of things people have said to me, and I’ve had to become stronger through it,” says Jenner. “I mean, don’t get me wrong: I am not superhuman. I definitely feel, and the things people say online are very hurtful. You also just have to live your life and not pay attention to it. I think it can get pretty unhealthy if you really are deep in it and paying attention to it all the time. I think that that’s what can really mess you up.”

Jenner most notably attended the 2018 Golden Globes with acne. She still had makeup on but her acne was visible.

“And so I went [to the Golden Globes] and I was super excited about it, and I’m not gonna let something so little (and big) as acne stop me. I was feeling food about myself, and then when people say mean things I’m like, ‘I know I have a zit. I know I’m breaking out. You guys don’t have to keep pointing it out. I obviously see that, but let me live.'”

The model is no stranger to online scrutiny. Most recently she faced an onslaught of memes making fun of her for her latest partnership with Proactiv. Jenner and her mom, Kris Jenner teased the new partnership as something raw and deeply personal only later revealing it was a partnership with Proactiv.

Fans were shocked that her huge personal story was about a sponsorship deal and dragged her on social media.

Jenner most famously was at the center of the Pepsi commercial scandal. In the commercial, she hands a cop a Pepsi and seemingly solves the problem of cops versus protestors. The commercial was met with intense criticism because of the political climate and Black Lives Matter. In Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jenner apologized for the ad through tears.

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