Kendall Jenner Finally Opened Up About The Pepsi Controversy

Even though the whole Kendall Jenner/Pepsi scandal has long since blown over, in true Keeping Up With The Kardashians style, it is finally being discussed on the show months later.

In a clip from the E! Network reality series, Kendall finally addressed the whole Pepsi commercial controversy. The star got emotional as she discussed the backlash.

A tearful Kendall said that she “would never purposely hurt someone. Ever.”

“I just feel really, really bad,” she told her big sis, Kim Kardashian. “I feel really bad that anyone was ever offended. I feel really bad that this was taken such a wrong way and I genuinely feel like s–t. I have no idea how I’m gonna bounce back from it.”

Luckily, Kim is no newbie when it comes to scandals and public backlash. “This is the first time you’ve had a scandal,” Kim said. “This is your first real experience with something like this.”

In the Pepsi commercial, Jenner is shown walking out of a photo shoot and joining a parade of protesters. While happily protesting, they encounter the police. Jenner hands the cop a Pepsi and all of the issues are solved and they all start cheering.

The commercial was very problematic, making light of the recent outbreaks of protest in the United States over police brutality. The campaign has since been shut down and the ads pulled, but the embarrassment of the ad remains.

Kendall seems to be genuinely sorry that she made that commercial with Pepsi, however, it is clear that she never really truly understood why people were mad. On the surface, she might have, but not on a deeper level. This is shown by her constantly appropriating other peoples’ cultures and “discovering” new fashion trends. She may feel guilty, but if the lesson had been learned, a response may have come sooner or more effectively.

To see the full episode and Jenner’s heartfelt apology, viewers will just have to keep up.

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