Cardi B Deactivates Instagram After Grammy Win Backlash

Cardi B won her first Grammy on Sunday night and what should be one of the greatest achievements of her career has turned dark. Cardi has since deactivated her Instagram account because of backlash over her Grammy win.

The Grammy-winning rapper was met with a mix of congratulations and backlash. The late Mac Miller was also nominated in the same category, Best Rap Album, as Cardi. The Recording Academy invited his parents to the event and prepared a video package for if he won. He didn’t win, the package didn’t get played and his fans were upset. He was mentioned in the In Memorium section of the show.

So Cardi has Miller’s fans attacking her over her win. Then on top of that Nicki Minaj fans are annoyed with Cardi’s win because she won a Grammy befoe Nicki.

Nicki and Cardi do not like each other. It’s a well-known fact that the two don’t get along. Cardi winning a Grammy before Nicki is not helping the rappers’ feud.

Nicki has been nominated 10 times, twice for Best Rap Album, and has never won. Cardi has been nominated seven times over two years and has one Grammy win.

The hate has become too much for Cardi and she posted a rant complaining about the haters before deactivating her Instagram account.

“It’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else. That’s not my style. That’s not what I’m with and I don’t support that. However, I have been taking a lot of shit today and seeing a lot of bullshit today and I saw a lot of shit last night. I’m sick of this shit. I worked hard for my mother f**king album,” Cardi ranted. “I remember last year when I didn’t won [sic] for “Bodak Yellow” everyone was like ‘Cardi got snubbed’ ‘Cardi got snubbed.’ Now this year it’s a f**king problem? My album went two-time platinum my [N-word].”

“And every chart that there was my album was always top 10. Number one album as well. I f**king worked my ass off and locked my self in the studio for three months my [N-word],” she continued. “Then went to sleep in my own bed for sometime four days straight, pregnant. Some songs couldn’t even get on the f**king album because my nose was so f**king stuffy from my pregnancy. [N-word] couldn’t sleep. [N-word] couldn’t do shit. While everyone was harassing me like, ‘You’re not going to do it. We know you’re pregnant. Your career is over.'”

Soon after the video was posted Cardi deactivated her Instagram. Cardi not on Instagram is like a fish without water, peanut butter without jelly. It’s just unnatural. Everyone, please leave Cardi alone.

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