Travis Scott Deleted His Instagram To “Prove His Devotion” To Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a billionaire but still has to deal with a possibly cheating boyfriend. Amidst the whole Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, Kylie allegedly accused Travis Scott of cheating on her.

On February 27, Travis canceled his Buffalo, New York show. TMZ reported that the cancelation wasn’t because the rapper was sick, but because Kylie and he were fighting. Kylie supposedly “discovered evidence” of Travis cheating on her. They had a huge fight that lasted two days.

Travis’ reps denied the cheating rumors. They doubled down that Travis was sick and that’s the reason why he canceled his show.

After the rumors started Travis deactivated his Instagram account. Travis then gave Kylie a shout out at his next concert and called her “wifey.”

TMZ’s sources say Kylie found DMs between him and many women that were “overly friendly.” Kylie immediately concluded that Travis was cheating, which is fair.

Travis claimed the DMs were friendly and nothing more. TMZ claims that Travis “decided the best way to prove his commitment to Kylie and Stormi … was to just get rid of IG.”

Travis is no stranger to grand gestures. For Valentine’s Day, Travis bought Kylie three huge arches of roses shaped like hearts. A mirrored red runway ran through the arches and ended with a small rose heart with a neon heart fixture.

For Kylie’s 21st birthday, Travis decked the front of her house with flowers and gifted her an old Rolls Royce. Before he left on tour, Travis covered Kylie’s foyer in red roses just for fun.

His grand gestures usually involve flowers and cars, but deleting his Instagram to prove his innocence is definitely grand. His IG hiatus only lasted a few days, he’s now back on the platform.

Does his return mean that he and Kylie are good? We’ll have to wait and see.

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