Tristan Thompson’s New Mystery Woman Has Been Identified As Model Karizma Ramirez

A few short weeks ago Tristan Thompson was forcing kisses on Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner‘s best friend, while he was still technically with the mother of his child Khloe Kardashian. Despite the drama, Thompson seems unbothered and has already been linked to a new woman.

Thompson is now reportedly dating model Karizma Ramirez. The NBA player has been spotted out with Ramirez multiple times over the last two weeks.

February 28 is when the two were first linked together. They were out at an Italian restaurant, Carbone in New York City. Thompson shared a snap of his dinner and eagle-eyed fans noticed that he was sitting across from a woman.

On March 6, Thompson and Ramirez went out again to grab some food at Nobu.

Ramirez’s Instagram is private, but she’s not a total mystery. According to People magazine, Ramirez was previously linked to Chris Brown in 2013. Blac Chyna also follows her on Instagram. She also competed in the Hooter’s swimsuit pageant in 2010.

Ramirez and Thompson met at club Finale where she works as a server.

On February 19, news broke that Thompson cheated on Kardashian with Woods. The next few days consisted of Kardashian and her friends commenting on Instagram posts, liking passive aggressive tweets and sharing emotional messages and poems on Kardashian’s Instagram story.

Woods spoke out about the incident on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith. Jenner’s former housemate explained the situation and how hard it’s been for her and her family to simply live the past few days.

Woods explained that yes she was drinking, yes she went to an after party at Thompson’s house, yes they were sitting near each other and yes they kissed. But the kiss isn’t what it seems. While leaving the party Thompson was saying bye to Woods and kissed her on the lips totally unexpected.

Woods went on to say that she was so in shock that she didn’t tell Kardashian or Jenner at first. It eventually got out and you know the rest. Woods said that wasn’t the reason for Kardashian breaking up with Thompson.

After the interview, Kardashian took to Twitter to post some nasty tweets about Woods.

Twitter was not having Kardashian’s response and putting the entire blame on Woods. Kardashian went back on and sent off some more tweets backtracking on what she said about Woods.

While all of this is going down Thompson has been eating pasta with Ramirez.

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