Kim Kardashian Is Paying 5 Years Of Rent For A Former Inmate

Kim Kardashian has been extremely vocal about her views on prison reform and the criminal justice system in the United States. In June 2018, Alice Johnson was granted clemency from the President thanks to Kim’s efforts.

Now Kardashian is furthering her efforts by helping former inmate Matthew Charles, who was released from prison in January after serving 20 years of his 35-year sentence for a nonviolent drug offense. He was released thanks to the First Step Act.

According to a Tennessean article that Charles shared on his Facebook, Charles has bought himself a car and found full-time employment. The only huge obstacle he has run into is the ability to rent an apartment. He can’t afford to buy a home, and his rental applications have been denied because of his criminal history.

“I’m pretty distraught about it because it’s not allowing me to have a full second chance,” Charles told the Tennessean.

Charles said that not only is his criminal history a problem, but his lack of credit from being in prison for the past two decades is also an issue when trying to find an apartment.

His issue has reached the ears of Kardashian. Charles posted on his Facebook that Kardashian is going to pay his rent for the next five years.

“I just received the most wonderful news tonight that I just had to share with everyone,” Charles wrote. “Kim Kardashian-West, through Tracy, said they heard about my situation. Was moved and has decided to help me. And to me in an unbelievable way. Kim did not do this for attention or publicity, but I had to share it, because it’s to good not to, and my heart is about to burst with happiness, that I wish you to rejoice in this news with me. And many of your responses about the outcome of my dilemma prophesied it.”

According to Tim Hardiman, a senior producer at CMT in Nashville, Kardashian learned about Charles story through a Nashville Public Radio article about his possible return to prison.

Charles served 20 years of his 35 sentence. He earned an early release in May 2016. Two years later he was ordered to finish out his sentence. The community mobilized and fought for his clemency and Kardashian helped by mentioning him to President Trump during their meetings.

“Kim reached out privately to Matthew yesterday after hearing he was having a hard time getting approved for an apartment and has generously offered to pay five years of his rent,” Hardiman told Us Weekly. “He was overwhelmed by Kim’s offer and graciously accepted. Her generosity will allow him to save enough money to eventually put a down payment on a house. It’s truly changed his life.”

Looks like Kardashian is very serious about prison reform and isn’t done helping out.

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