How Psychics Can Help Heal A Heartbreak

We’ve all been in bad relationships. Whether we were cheated on by a boyfriend or even a husband, rejected by someone we had fallen in love with, or had to get over a crush, heartbreak is incredibly painful. Even when we are much better off without the relationship, healing takes a long time and requires strength and courage.

Healing can sometimes be most difficult when the relationship was particularly bad for us. We may end up blaming ourselves for being so hung up on the person, or allowing them to hurt us in the first place. Our self-esteem becomes very tied up in the narrative of the relationship.

How do you go about healing after a heartbreak? Is it ever easy? Here are some of the less conventional but effective ways of healing.

See a psychic

Have you ever considered seeing a psychic? It is easy to be skeptical, as there are way too many charlatans out there. But the best psychics are also the best empaths. They see you for who you are and help you discover what it is you need from yourself.

There are some very good websites out there which provide expert online psychics.

My top 3 are:

  • California Psychics: California Psychics rigorously vets every psychic that applies, making sure that it is not just a conduit for amateurs and charlatans to ply their trades. The experts who make it through this process are certain to give you the full story, whether or not you’re going to like it. They will help you interpret your results and discover how you can use this information to go on healing from your heartbreak.
  • Kasamba Psychics: Kasamba Psychics is a primarily chat-based platform, which has been operating since 1997. The downside is that you can’t video-chat with a psychic, but you will still get a chance to ask the questions weighing you down about your breakup.
  • Psychic Source: Psychic Source is another really good online platform for psychics. They too only hire experts who have years of experience. You won’t get sugar-coated readings from them, but rather will be told everything you need to know to help you move on.

Alternative healing: charms and mediation

There are alternative ways of healing that are similar to seeing psychics. For example, finding the right charm for you can be just what you need to improve your energy and optimize your fortune. It can be as simple as wearing a stone, but you must make sure that the person who recommends you a charm truly knows what they are doing.

The same can be said for mediums. If you have suffered the tragedy of losing a loved one, a medium can help you come to terms with the loss, giving you peace of mind that they are at rest. However, you should stay away from mediums who claim to know what has happened to a missing person in your life. There are far too many horror stories of charlatans claiming someone has died when they are in fact alive.

Start healing today

Any breakup is tough, no matter what the circumstances. You are dealing with the loss of a person you may still love, and you are also trying to reframe who you are without them. It is not something that should be done alone.

The best psychics are those who can strongly empathise with you, giving you guidance as you go through the process of disentangling yourself from the relationship. Heartbreak is much more easily handled when you are working with an expert.

Furthermore, alternative healing methods, such as charms and mediums, may be just what you need to come to terms with a heartbreak or a loss. Consider your options and make sure to speak to someone with whom you can be comfortable.

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