The 5 Best Halloween Candies Ever

Going through your Halloween bag was a very important moment in your childhood. You needed to know whether you got the wackiest or the best treats. Not every Halloween was the same. There were years where your bag was mostly filled with only Tootsie Rolls and others where you found king-size gems.

Whether you have already mapped out the routes you are going to go for trick-o-treating or not, you want free candy. Lots of it for sure.

Now that we are almost through September, the countdown to All Hallow’s Eve has started and we can’t wait to see whether our neighbors are stepping up their candy game or not. We all have an idea of what we want to see in that Halloween bag and what we don’t want to see. This is crucial for it will make Halloween 2019 the best or the wackiest ever.

We have brought you the five best Halloween candies. The ones that will make you gap with excitement once you see them in your bag and make you feel like you are the happiest person in the world.


Lindt Swiss Chocolate Golden Bears Chocolate Row ready for Christmas Presents for Sale in a Shop of Milan,Italy


It is rare to get upscale chocolate treats in your Halloween bags, but it happens. This chocolate is so smooth and addictive. Every kid will love it.

If you got this on your bag, congratulations and flaunt it. If you gave out Lindt chocolate away for Halloween, may the gods bless you.

King or regular size Hershey’s

Hershey's mini chocolate bar against a background of assorted Hershey's candy bars.

Christopher Sciacca/Shutterstock

Hershey’s are a good treat, but a king-size Hershey’s wins every time. You can never go wrong with the number one chocolate for S’mores.

Getting more than one Hershey’s bar in your Halloween bag will make you the envy of your friends and make the person who gave it out achieve a holy-like status among the kids of the neighborhood.

Blow Pop

Kids love lollipops! Since lollipops usually don’t come in fun-sizes, getting as many of these in your Halloween bag will make you feel like a champ.

Giving away lollipops is like killing two birds with one stone. You will be giving candy and gum at the same time.

Jolly Rancher

Candy bar at a wedding reception featuring Jolly Ranchers.

Joshua Rainey Photography/Shutterstock

Hint: the most popular flavor is watermelon. You give this to kids in Halloween, they will probably eat it right before they get to the next house.


Hand hold a packet of NERDS Double Dipped Saucette candy in the supermarket

Zety Akhzar/Shutterstock

This one is a classic. If someone leaves their box of Nerds unattended, it is almost certain someone else will take it. Kids treasure this hard candy and will probably be ready to fight for it.

It has a pop and it’s sweet. This candy is the perfect candy to give out on Halloween.

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