The 10 Best Gifts For Your Globetrotter Friend

If you have a friend who travels a lot, the following thoughtful and stylish gift ideas will definitely make her trips easier and comfier. These gifts are guaranteed to please every jet setter since it will make their travels a breeze.

1. Travel vacuum bag

This bag will help to save space on your friend’s luggage. This means your friend will be able to pack more stuff on her suitcase to make her trip more enjoyable and hassle-free. Trust me, this gift will certainly make your friend less worry when she is going through check-out.

2. Luggage tag

Close up of blank luggage tag label on a suitcase.


Get a chic luggage tag for your friend to show her how much you treasure your friendship with her.

3. Comfy dress

Europe Greece Santorini travel vacation. Woman looking at view on famous travel destination. Elegant young lady living fancy jetset lifestyle wearing dress on holidays.


Choosing what clothes to wear while travelling is crucial. So, opt to buy a very comfortable dress or pants for your friend so she can enjoy and relax on her flight.

4. Neck pillow

Beautiful female passenger on airplane.


Giving your globetrotting friend a neck pillow as a gift will clearly mean that you care a lot about her well being. With this neck pillow, she will definitely avoid being uncomfortable while on the plane.

5. Travel mug

Closeup photo of thermos mug with tea in traveler's hand over out of focus mountains view with snow, tourism in cold season.

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Get your friend a dishwasher and microwave-safe travel mug so she can use it all throughout her stay at a hotel or AirBnB. A reusable travel mug is earth-friendly and is also a space-saver.

6. Stylish sweatpants

Top view of gray sweatpants on turquoise pastel background. Children's sweatpants with visible two legs.

Bokeh Stock/Shutterstock

Sweatpants are comfortable AF. So if you want to make sure your friend is extremely comfortable throughout her flight, give her stylish sweatpants.

7. Wireless earphones

Portrait of pretty young woman sitting on green grass in park with legs crossed during summer day while using laptop and wireless earphone for video call.

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Don’t just buy any type of wireless earphones for your friend. Make sure that those earphones have a long battery life, are sweat and rain resistant. An added bonus if they are eco-friendly.

8. Sephora’s favorites travel bag

Sephora’s favorites travel bags are equipped with amazing products such as Dr. Jart+ Dermaks Water Jet Vytal Hydra Solution, Fresh Soy Cleanser and many more travel-sized products to ensure your friend looks her best during her trip, according to TeenVogue.

9. Face mist

Woman spraying facial mist on her face, summertime skincare concept.


Depending where your friend is travelling to, the change of weather can take a huge toll on her skin’s hydration. Buy her a travel-sized face mist so she can have healthy, hydrated skin ready for Instagram.

10. Camera

Front view of a woman photographing towards the camera with dslr camera in nature.


You can definitely take a really good, Instagram-worthy photo with your phone, but no cellphone can beat a professional camera. Giving her a camera as a gift will definitely help her better flaunt her trip on social media.

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