How You Pose With Your Boo In Photos Reveals A Lot About Your Relationship

A picture can reveal a lot about the type of relationship you have with someone. When you are taking an impromptu pic with your boo, the pose you two choose reveals in what state your relationship currently is, experts say.

According to Elite Daily, when taking a photo, if you two get closer that means that there is more intimacy. Shoulders also play a huge part on intimacy. If your shoulders are angled to one another, then that suggests that you and your boo give attention to one another.

In order to catch up on any red flags, look at how a couple position themselves for a quick picture. If one partner’s body is facing towards the other partner, but the other partner’s body is facing opposite the other person in the picture, then that means there is an imbalance, said Dr. Gary Brown, a couples therapist in Los Angeles, to Elite Daily.

When you are planning to take a picture with your boo, then the pose you strike signals how you want to be seen in your relationship. But when the picture is not planned, the pose you strike with your boo can truly give insight to the state of your romantic relationship.

Patti Wood, body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charismatold Elite Daily that holding hands reveals the power dynamics of a relationship.

“If a couple chooses to hold hands, at least one member of the couple wants to be seen as a unit,” said Wood. “Look for certain qualities of interconnectedness between the hands, and whose hand is on top and whose is on the bottom.”

There are different poses couples use in their pictures because of differing heights. Placing your hand near your boo’s chest or arms could mean possessiveness, but the meaning can change depending on how your hand is placed on your partner’s body.

The good-old hand on the lower back can mean many things. Wood said that placing your hand on the lower back of your partner can mean you want to help and guide them, but it can also mean possessiveness or control, according to Elite Daily. 

When a partner is standing in front of the other, you can tell who is looking for protection in the relationship. If the partner in front is leaning back towards the other partner, that partner might be looking for protection.

Now that you know how revealing pose in pictures are, look at your previous pics and you’ll notice things that will reveal where your romantic relationship is standing. Remember, the pose can only tell so much if its genuine and not planned. So planned pics or photoshoots are out of the way.

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