How To Host A Fantastic Friendsgiving

A friendsgiving dinner where everyone brings their own dishes is ideal, but if there is no coordination, things can take an awry turn quickly.

These tips will surely help you organize the best friendsgiving to celebrate all the accomplishments you and your friends have done this year and your friendship, according to PopSugar

1. Create a cocktail and serve it on a big batch

Having a big-batch cocktail will definitely take weight off your shoulders. Create your favorite cocktail or recreate this one for your friendsgiving.

2. Potluck dessert

Your friends can buy their favorite already-made pecan or pumpkin pies, or they can venture and try to bake their own pie or favorite pastry. Tell your guests to bring their favorite desserts for an after-dinner treat and I assure you everyone will be happy at the end.

3. Divide tasks among your friends

Even If your planned friendsgiving is not a potluck one, you’ll still have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Assign someone to be the decorator, the bartender, the DJ, the entertainer, the dishwasher (I know it sucks, but someone has to do it), etc.

4. Planned your dishes ahead of time

If you are having a potluck friendsgiving, discuss with your friends ahead of time who’s bringing what. If you want to be creative, make a themed-friendsgiving.

As the host you will have to make the turkey, so check out the following recipe:

But there are other things other than turkey that are vital for a friendsgiving: appetizers and alcohol.

You need to have a cheese plate, or tortillas, chips and dipping sauce, just in case the dinner takes too long to be ready. Someone needs to be responsible for the appetizers, so clearly put that on the list and assign it to someone.

Alcohol is also vital, so assign one of your guests the duty of bringing alcohol or making a cocktail. Look above tip number one for a really good cocktail recipe.


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