Kanye West Skips 'Ultralight Beam' Performance With Chance the Rapper: Fans React

Chi-Town native Kanye West has disappointed fans. Unlike other Chicagoans who performed at the 2020 NBA All-Star Game this weekend in Chicago (including Chaka Khan who was the talk of the town with her National Anthem rendition), West did not grace the stage with a performance.
Chance the Rapper performed at the halftime show though. In fact, during his performance, he did a rendition of Kanye West’s 2016 hit, “Ultralight Beam,” which Chance features on.
Chance’s performance was amazing, but the fact that West did not perform with him and was rather sitting courtside — just feet away — has fans wondering why the two rappers didn’t perform the track together.

What was more disappointing and highlighted Chance’s lack of Kanye in his “Ultralight Beam” performance, was the fact that Chance brought out Lil Wayne to perform “No Problem,” followed by Quavo and DJ Khaled for “I’m the One.” Furthermore, Kanye and Chance have performed “Ultralight Beam” together a couple of times, including during a Sunday service last September in Chicago, as well as for Kanye’s Sunday service tribute to the late Kobe Bryant in January.

A photo of microphones labeled “Bieber” and “Kanye” began to circulate on Twitter before the 2020 All-Star Game

This photo led to expectations of West joining Chance for a performance at the event.

As Chance’s halftime show took place, there were opportunities for Bieber and West to appear on stage as Chance performed “I’m The One,” DJ Khaled’s song which features Justin Bieber, as well as “Ultralight Beam.” Quavo and DJ Khaled joined Chance on stage for “I’m The One” with Bieber nowhere to be seen. Chance performed “Ultralight Beam” alone though while Kanye spectated, and fans on Twitter had a lot to say.

Despite not performing at the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night, West still performed in Chicago during the All-Star Game weekend

Kanye West presented his Sunday Service, a two-hour concert mixing gospel music classic songs with West’s own original versatile hits, to a crowd of 10,000 excited spectators at UIC’s Credit Union 1 Arena. West allowed The Samples — his huge Gospel Choir — to steal the show, as he chose to fade into the background for a bit.
In a large circle in the Arena’s center, they sang gospel songs along with some of West’s hit songs for an entire hour, before West eventually joined them on stage. Halfway through the show, he performed a remixed gospel-themed music version of his song “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”

During his closing performance of “Jesus Walks,” West addressed the crowd.
He stated, “The Devil’s greatest trick is taking all the tricks, all the sauce, all the wealth and fire beats and saying ‘if the beat is fire, you’ve gotta work for me now. You can’t mention Jesus on there, or that’s going to be corny.’” West continued, “Then, [‘Jesus is King’] came out and became number one. I ain’t afraid no more.”

It seems like West may have only had enough energy for one performance during the NBA All-Star weekend, and to say the least, fans were impressed.

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