6 Great Ways to Decorate Your Room During Quarantine

With all the time that we’re spending in our homes during quarantine, it’s essential that our bedroom is cozy and feels like a safe space. Our environment can really affect our mood and since we’re not able to spend as much time outside as we’re used to, it’s important that the area we are in uplifts us. The moment I realized that I wasn’t going back to school for the rest of the spring 2020 semester, I knew that I needed to redo my room. After living in my dorm for so long, my childhood room didn’t necessarily fine like mine anymore. I knew if I was going to be at home, I had to make my room feel like home. Here are 6 ways to immediately enhance your room: 

Get rid of everything you don’t need/ use


Many people heading back from college are often going back to their childhood room at home. Yes, your room can hold so many memories along with different items associated with them, but know when some of these things might not have any more use. Clean out your closet and get rid of any clothes that you know you can no longer make use out of (I know it can be hard to let go of that shirt that you’ve had for so long and love so dearly, but it might be taking up unnecessary space if you know that you’re probably not gonna wear it again).

Designate an area in your room as a workspace

Since we can’t go to the library or any of our other designated favorite study spots on campus, it’s so important to make sure that you still have a place to do your work. Make sure you have a desk you can do your work on and make your study space how you like it! Put up a picture of your friends or family, cute and/ or motivational prints and quotes.

Change your bedding

When I came home from college, my mom had a comforter on my bed that I probably used when I was ten. I knew I had to change it in order to make my room look like I wanted it. I simply just ordered a comforter off Amazon (it was so affordable!) There are numerous other places to order bedding from such as Urban Outfitters and Pottery Barn to get you started.


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Lighting is another factor that can play such a big part in your mood, and lights can make such a difference in your room! The best part is that they’re so affordable, but they can add so much to making your space cozy. Try bringing in string lights and/or lamps into your space. 

Rearrange Your Furniture 

You don’t necessarily need to buy new furniture when decorating your room (even though you might realize that you want to add a few new pieces). You can rearrange your furniture that you already have to suit what you want your room to look like now. Rearranging pieces can open up your room and provide a new environment to switch up the setting that you’re used to being in.

Accessorize your walls

This is a great way to spice up your walls! You can add hanging wall decor, wall prints, or tapestries. Another great way to add to your walls is by putting up photos. This is a great way to personalize your room to make you feel even more at home. Put up pictures of your friends and family, and this is a way that you can put up polaroids that you might have. 

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