6 Great Ways to Decorate Your Room During Quarantine

","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"Since we can’t go to the library or any of our other designated favorite study spots on campus, it’s so important to make sure that you still have a place to do your work. Make sure you have a desk you can do your work on and make your study space how you like it! Put up a picture of your friends or family, cute and/ or motivational prints and quotes.","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"}]},{"elements":[{"text":"Change your bedding","level":3,"displayType":"header"},{"elements":[{"text":"View this post on Instagram I asked last week who makes their bed everyday (because I don’t 😅🙈) and judging by the comments, I’m definitely a minority?!! Ops! So I’m attempting to correct my lazy ways and start the day a little different👆🏼👊🏼. . This new enthusiasm may also be spurred on by the newest delivery from @houseoforange?! One of my favourite interior stores in Melbourne! All the @hkliving products you could wish for. How’s this striped bed cover? Colours are SO COOL👊🏼🙌🏼. . Pendant, speckled vase, bed cover, ochre fringe cushion, bedside tables and art all @houseoforange✌🏼 A post shared by S a r a h (@thebearcubclub) on Apr 25, 2020 at 8:52pm PDT","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"When I came home from college, my mom had a comforter on my bed that I probably used when I was ten. I knew I had to change it in order to make my room look like I wanted it. I simply just ordered a comforter off Amazon (it was so affordable!) There are numerous other places to order bedding from such as Urban Outfitters and Pottery Barn to get you started.","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"}]},{"elements":[{"text":"Lighting","level":3,"displayType":"header"},{"elements":[{"text":"View this post on Instagram moody vibes only ✨ A post shared by dormify (@dormify) on Mar 5, 2020 at 4:15pm PST","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"Lighting is another factor that can play such a big part in your mood, and lights can make such a difference in your room! The best part is that they’re so affordable, but they can add so much to making your space cozy. Try bringing in string lights and/or lamps into your space. ","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"}]},{"elements":[{"text":"Rearrange Your Furniture ","level":3,"displayType":"header"},{"elements":[{"text":"You don’t necessarily need to buy new furniture when decorating your room (even though you might realize that you want to add a few new pieces). You can rearrange your furniture that you already have to suit what you want your room to look like now. Rearranging pieces can open up your room and provide a new environment to switch up the setting that you’re used to being in.","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"View this post on Instagram I kinda have a thing for neutral tones, can you tell? 🌾🤍✨ now that we’re spending so much time in our homes, it’s important that we feel comfortable in our spaces. I redecorated my bedroom in my family home this past week. what do you think? my favorite part is this shelf from @my.fom, which is environmentally friendly, made of real wood fibers & recycled plastic. I love finding new ways to organize my space, and this shelf does the trick! http://ow.lyPh5F50yE5wL #FOMVirtualShowroom #myfom #homesweetfom #ad A post shared by KATY BELLOTTE (@katybellotte) on Apr 10, 2020 at 12:20pm PDT","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"}]},{"elements":[{"text":"Accessorize your walls","level":3,"displayType":"header"},{"elements":[{"text":"View this post on Instagram If we're going to be inside (which you should be) your should at least try and make your space cute 💖 Link in bio for 8 easy ways to give your room a quick refresh 💫⠀ #hcregram @thesarahdipity @prettydorms #StayHomeZone A post shared by Her Campus (@hercampus) on Apr 9, 2020 at 2:00pm PDT","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"This is a great way to spice up your walls! You can add hanging wall decor, wall prints, or tapestries. Another great way to add to your walls is by putting up photos. This is a great way to personalize your room to make you feel even more at home. Put up pictures of your friends and family, and this is a way that you can put up polaroids that you might have. ","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"}]}]; var articleType = 'ARTICLE'; var favoriteImage = ''; var articleDescription = ''; var slide_index = parseInt(0); var slide_json = createSlides(slides, articleType, favoriteImage); var initial_slide = slide_index; var initial_url = location.pathname + location.search; var base_url = '/2020/04/29/6-great-ways-to-decorate-your-room-during-quarantine/'; var next_gallery = '/2016/12/23/ex-brings-erotic-photos-to-exs-wedding-details-photos/'; var first_load = true; var has_scrolled = false; var title = "6 Great Ways to Decorate Your Room During Quarantine"; var path = base_url