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    17 hours ago

    College Advice: 6 Essential Tips for an Easy Move-In Day

    Stressed about move-in day? Move-in day can be stressful to think about and prepare for as there are countless things...

    Aug 3, 2020

    Happy & Healthy: 8 Simple Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

    Heard of the Freshman 15? If you’re just about to enter college, it’s likely that you have. The Freshman 15...

    Jul 29, 2020

    Find Your Passion: 5 Top Steps to Choosing the Right Major

    Choosing a major can be stressful. You might have so many interests, but don’t know which one you’re passionate enough...

    Peaceful Rest: 5 Effective Ways to Fall and Stay Asleep

    Have trouble falling and/ or staying asleep? You’re not alone. The American Sleep Apnea Association states that sleep-related problems affect...

    Jul 24, 2020

    Do It Now: 7 Instant Ways to Maximize Your Free Time

    Are lockdown restrictions leaving you uncertain about what to do? Lockdown has made us change many aspects of our lives...

    Jul 20, 2020

    8 Effective, Stress-Free Ways to Prepare for a Busy Week

    Have a busy week ahead and don’t know how to prepare for it? Preparation for a busy week is essential...

    Jul 16, 2020

      Jul 10, 2020

      Enjoy Healthy Living Now: 5 Fitness Influencers You Need to Follow

      Who says living a healthy lifestyle can’t be enjoyable? Health is a major part of our lives, if not the...

      Jul 9, 2020

      5 Best Ways to Stay Energized Without Coffee

      If you regularly drink coffee, you may ask yourself if it’s even possible to have energy without it? As unbelievable...

      Jul 8, 2020

      Cure Your Boredom: 10 Best Hobbies You Need to Start Today

      Want something to enjoy and spend your time on? Whether it’s developing one you’ve already had or starting a new...

      Jul 7, 2020

      5 Essential Gym Equipment Pieces You Can Use at Home

      Many of us might not have access to a gym right now because of quarantine restrictions. There are still ways...

      Jul 2, 2020

      Achieve Your Goals Now: 5 Easy Steps to Make an Inspirational Vision Board

      Looking for something to get you motivated and excited for the future? A vision board is a perfect place to...

      Jul 1, 2020

      5 Best Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

      Vacations are a time to relax from your everyday life in a beautiful place, but what happens if you’re starting...

      Jun 30, 2020

      6 Best Ways to Beat Summer Procrastination

      In the summer, we have more time for whatever we want and/ or need to do. This extra time can...