8 Best Inexpensive Ways to Revamp Your Workspace (2021)

We’ve been in quarantine for some time so things definitely might be looking the same, especially when it comes to your workspace. It’s always a good time to change things up so why not do it now? Here are cute, but inexpensive ways that you can transform your desk space to make you actually want to sit down and get work done.

Clean up


The first thing to do when it comes to revamping your desk space is to clean up! You can’t add new decor if you still have clutter in your space. Throw out any old papers that you don’t need and organize the ones that you do.

Buy a new desk


I know what you’re probably thinking. Yes, desks can be expensive, but hear me out. If your desk is one that you’ve had for a long time and is hanging on by a thread, it might be a good idea to get a new one. When I came back home from college because of quarantine, the desk I had was completely worn out and it was the last place I wanted to be, let alone sit down to do work. I knew it was time to buy a new one. Getting a new desk doesn’t have to be expensive as there are numerous inexpensive options to buy one from such as on Amazon, which is where I got mine

Stick with a color scheme

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A color scheme can really tie together the whole look of your workspace so try to stay consistent with the colors on and around your desk. Whether this be neutrals or another palette of other colors, choose a scheme that you love best!

Add wall decor

You can print out inspirational quotes, put up a chalkboard or whiteboard, or arrange a set of wall prints, you get the picture (sorry, I had to). The most important thing is that these things will be beneficial and/or have meaning to you. You want to make sure that your wall decor is going to be for good use whether to be for an aesthetic or motivational purpose. It can even be for the direct purpose of using it to do your work, such as keeping track of your assignments. On the wall next to my workspace, I printed out inspirational quotes and pictures to motivate me while I do my work. Sometimes if I get sidetracked while working on something, I end up looking at these pictures and they remind me why I’m doing my work in the first place.

Get cute desk accessories


There are so many options when it comes to desk accessories from the array of desk accessories themselves from patterns there are to pick of them. You’re going to need these supplies to do work so why not pick cute ones? 

Get a plant or two


Plants can add some greenery and life to your space. If you don’t want to worry about taking care of a real plant, no worries! Just get a fake one. 

Brighten up your space


I think it’s both important to have natural light and desk-level lighting when it comes to your workspace. I positioned my desk so that it’s right next to my window so I not only get natural light, but I also get a good view of my backyard. This honestly makes a big difference in my mood as I’m doing work. A study conducted by Alan Hedge, a professor in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell, found that optimizing the amount of natural light in an office led to increases in productivity. 

Use a throw blanket or sheepskin as a chair cover


I didn’t think a chair cover would be very beneficial for my workspace until I added it. It ties in the whole look of the space as well as providing comfort for when I’m sitting for long periods of time at my desk!


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