10 Must-Have Healthy & Delicious Snacks from the Grocery Store

Tired of wanting to snack but not knowing any healthy options?

I’ve compiled a list of snack options from the grocery store that are both healthy and tasty to help solve this problem. Additionally, it’s important that you look at the nutrition label, ingredients, and serving size of each snack to make sure that it best suits your health needs.

Rice Cakes


These are one of my favorite snacks as they’re low calorie and have minimal ingredients. You can even add toppings on them to make them more filling.



I find that carrots are a great snack option if you just need something to hold you over until your next week and you can pair them with your favorite dip.

Hope Hummus


Speaking of dips to pair with your carrots, try a low-sugar one like hummus! The Hope Original Hummus has no added sugar, which makes it the perfect snack that goes along with veggies.

Triscuit Crackers


This snack is made with simple, minimal ingredients while also tasting great!

Quest Chips


If you’re a chip lover, these chips are the perfect healthy alternative for you. Personally, my favorite flavor is BBQ, but there are so many other flavors so choose the one you like best!

KIND Granola Bar


Many granola bars are packed with sugar, but KIND bars allow you to have a yummy snack with a minimal amount.

RX Bar


I haven’t had these bars, but I’ve heard great things about both their flavor and nutritional content!

Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks


You’re never too old to enjoy fruit snacks so here is a healthy alternative to a childhood treat!

SkinnyPop Popcorn


Popcorn has the salty appeal of snacks like pretzels and chips, but this snack allows you to have fewer calories than these snacks.

Halo Top Ice Cream


You’ve had to hear of this ice cream brand. They come in a variety of flavors and allow you to have the satisfying taste of ice cream without all the excess sugars.

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