Student Life: 8 Fun Ways to Get Involved on Campus

Looking to get involved on campus this semester?

Getting involved at your school is crucial to having a balanced lifestyle in college. Your academic work is important, but participating in extracurriculars can teach you how to manage your time more effectively. It also positively impacts other areas of your life as research shows that getting involved on campus helps students feel a clearer sense of purpose in their education, a greater sense of community on campus, and personal life management overall. Here are 8 fun and effective ways to making your college campus feel like home.

Join clubs


Clubs are an amazing opportunity to learn and engage in an area of interest you have while meeting like-minded people. Your school’s website should have a list of the organizations they offer so head over to this page. Pick all the clubs that you find interesting and don’t limit yourself to the number you choose! You can always drop certain ones that you don’t really enjoy, but you should stay open-minded when you’re first looking at them.

Join a sorority

If your school has a sorority life, consider joining a sorority! They can be a beneficial way to meet new people and gain a network of both personal and professional support. These organizations often include volunteer and philanthropy work so they are also a way to give back to the community.



Look for campus-based volunteering organizations such as Project Sunshine. By volunteering, you’ll feel more at home at school and the area surrounding it. If you can’t find any on-campus volunteering opportunities, look for a local organization. You’ll be able to give back to the community while learning essential and valuable skills.

Take classes that interest you


You may not always be able to take classes that interest you, but you can try your best to do so when you have the option. Taking classes that you’re actually interested in will help you be more engaged in them. This will make it easier for you to want to read the material and participate because you’re truly interested in it. It’ll make you not only more involved in the class, but also encourage you to join a club or take an on-campus opportunity related to it.

Get an on-campus job


On-campus jobs allow you to make money while getting to meet new people and make new connections. These jobs are also a great chance to look at what your university’s services are that you might not of known about. Additionally, these jobs typically have flexible work schedules since they’re aware that you’re a student.

Become a tutor or teaching assistant


Have a subject you’re passionate about? Consider becoming a tutor or teaching assistant. You can offer your skills for a specific subject to your college’s tutoring service center. By being a tutor, you can meet new people outside of your major while also having the satisfaction of knowing that you’re providing help to your classmates. You can also become a teaching assistant for a professor. By doing this, you’ll build connections with faculty and stay up-to-date with the latest information and news related to the field that you’re studying.

Join an intramural sports team


Intramural sports are a great way to meet new people and exercise! These teams often don’t have strict practice schedules so you can still enjoy the sport without having to worry too much about it conflicting with the other things you have to do.

Attend campus events


There are countless campus events for you to attend, especially if you’re an incoming freshman. Go to them! You may think that there’s no need, but these events are a great way to put yourself out there. The worst thing that could happen is that you don’t enjoy it. If you’re an incoming freshman, everyone is in the same boat so don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone to meet new people. Even if you’re not a freshman, going to these events (even if they’re virtual because of the coronavirus) will allow you to feel a sense of community at your school.

Involvement on campus is essential to building a community with your school. Even though academics are important, it’s also crucial that you’re spending time outside of your classes doing things that you’re passionate about.

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