Top 5 Tips for Studying for Finals: Quarantine Edition

Finals can already be a stressful time and the circumstances surrounding quarantine can make it even worse. It’s essential to have a clear plan of all your finals in order to make sure that you do your best on them. Here are some ways in which you can calm your nerves while studying, but also do the best you can on your finals.

Put everything into a planner


You may think you’re going to remember every last final assignment, paper, or exam, that you have, but you might not. There are so many things that are going on and you might happen to forget one if you don’t physically write it down. Write all your finals down in your planner (if you don’t have a physical planner, you can just use a notebook, post-it note, or Google Calendar!)

Clean your workspace

A clean workspace is essential to being productive and getting work done (at least I need my space to be clean before I start doing any sort of assignment). This is especially so important during finals as there are numerous final assignments, projects, and papers, that you have to work on. A clean workspace is vital to having a clear headspace, specifically during quarantine where there aren’t many places you can go to study. You’ll also be more likely to get things done if your space is clean and not cluttered with various papers. As you’re cleaning your desk, there are great accessories to add to make your space even feel more like your own.

Make a playlist


Some people can’t listen to music while studying, but if you can, make a playlist! Add your favorite songs to it that will keep you focused and motivate you to get through finals week. Spotify has numerous study playlists that you can listen to while doing your work if you need background noise, but don’t want lyrics to interfere with the focus you need to do your work.

Take care of your body

When it comes to finals, it can be easy to let stress completely take over. It’s essential to remember to take care of your body during this time. Try your best to make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours of sleep. Take a break from studying and writing your papers and do physical exercise. Take a walk. Do a quick at-home workout. Yoga can immensely help in relieving stress as well. Also eat brain boosting foods that will keep your brain in key working conditions such as fatty fish (salmon, sardines), eggs, broccoli, and blueberries(of course, also drink water and stay hydrated!).

Ask for help from friends, classmates, and professors

Even though you can’t do study groups in the library as you might usually do, you can study with your friends over FaceTime or even text them whenever you have a question. Another great way to get help is from classmates. Some of my teachers have set up spaces in which classmates can contact one another with questions that we have concerning any class material. Take advantage of this if you have this available to you. All your classmates are in the same boat as you are and should be happy to help you out. Professors are also a great source for help as this is what they’re there for! If you have a question regarding a final paper or exam, send them over an email. They should be more than happy to help you especially in the confusing time that we’re in because of quarantine.

I know finals can be a stressful time, but know that you have the power to get through them! Good luck, and don’t forget that you can ace your finals (even while dealing with the circumstances surrounding quarantine).


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