The 5 Best Things to Look Forward to After Quarantine

Quarantine and social-distancing have definitely been tough, especially after being in a college environment surrounded by people in your age range constantly. The bright side is that there are so many things to look forward to after this is all over. We can use this time in quarantine to remind ourselves of all that we have to look forward to once it ends. After it’s finally over, we’ll no longer take our daily routines or activities for granted. We’ve been without some things for what feels like forever that we should never take away the importance of any of them, no matter how small they’ve might’ve seemed in the past. 


Quarantine may have made you realize how much you took for granted trips of any kind, those that were either out of state or internationally. You might even become aware of how you actually have an urge to travel if you might not have before. You can even make a list of places you want to go so you have something to look forward to when both travel and quarantine restrictions are lifted.

Live entertainment

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New York, New York

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Because of quarantine, all the live shows that we’re used to watching have had to move to a different format such as tapping them in the setting of their own homes. Live concerts, events, and shows, have been canceled because of the coronavirus. Live entertainment can provide such joy in our lives (I know it does in mine!). Once they’re back, we’ll able to appreciate them so much more as we’ll look back at our time in quarantine and realize what we had to do without.

Sitting in a restaurant or cafe to eat

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Monday morning cup o’ ☕️.

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This is one of the things that I think none of us thought would actually be taken away. We’re so used to having the option to go out to eat for every meal that it really took having this simple choice taken away to realize the relaxation and joy that it has given us. Home-cooking is great, but there’s nothing like going out to eat with your friends and/or family to change up the scenery. 

Going to the gym


Home workouts are great, but there’s nothing like having actual gym equipment to use to workout. Personally, I enjoy using the treadmill (which is something I don’t have in my house). I didn’t realize how much I actually enjoy using it until I couldn’t. It’s also made me realize when I might’ve complained about going to the gym when I should’ve taken a step back to recognize how grateful I should be to have good health to workout let alone be able to go to the gym. Health is one of the many things that quarantine has made me not only reflect on, but also be so thankful for.

The little things


Quarantine had most definitely made me aware of how sometimes I can take things for granted. Simple things like getting lunch with my friends or even being able to be in a classroom environment at school. Things such as these can become such a routine that we just get so used to them being there and we rarely contemplate if they’ll ever be taken away from us. If there’s one thing I want anyone to take out of quarantine, it’s to show gratitude for everything you have. This includes the little things. It’s the things that we may be so used to that are actually so valuable.

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