5 Best Ways to Tour a College Online

Quarantine has had many challenges with some particularly pertaining to college students. College acceptances are exciting; however, some of incoming students may not of been able to tour the colleges they’ve been accepted to due to the restrictions of the coronavirus. May 1st has passed (the college commitment deadline) so if you’re an incoming freshman you’ve, most likely, already committed to the college you’ll be attending in fall 2020. You might’ve had to go off an array of  different resources if you weren’t able to visit the college in-person. Here are some ways that you can tour the college online to get a better feel of what your new home will be like:

Go on a virtual tour

Many schools allow you to take a virtual tour of their campus on their website. These online tours usually show various buildings on campus and what they’re used for. Use this option to get a feel of the campus. Many of these tours look nearly identical to what the campus looks like in-person so this is the perfect option to see what the place you’ll be calling home for the next four years looks like.

Talk to current students 


Many current college students will be more than happy to help incoming freshmen in any case, but especially in the confusing time that we’re in because of the coronavirus. Look at LinkedIn and Facebook school pages to find students that you can send a message to concerning any help you may need. Also, look at your school’s Instagram page as they might be posting helpful advice on there from students as well. There also might be a new student orientation page on different social media platforms so look to see if your school has one!

Look at different clubs and organizations

Before my freshman year of college, I looked at my school’s website to see all the clubs and organizations they offered. See if you can find any that truly interest you and then see if they have any social media accounts that you can follow. Reach out to people in the club to tell them about your interest in it. This is a great way to get to know some people on-campus that have the same interests as you before school starts!

Join online forums


Nearly every school has a Facebook page for each class so make sure you join it. This is also a place where you can talk to your future classmates, keep up-to-date with the latest information concerning your school, and get advice from upperclassmen who may join your class group to offer some helpful tips. 

Look on Youtube


Youtube is useful for so many things, especially when it comes to college-related videos. Before my freshman year of college, I watched numerous videos on college. Numerous Youtubers have content specifically for college and they might even go to the college that you’ll be going to. If you can’t find youtube videos for your specific college, it’s still helpful to browse through these videos to get helpful tips from students and see what your day-to-day life might resemble.

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