Grimes Reveals Meaning Of 'H X Æ A-12' Baby Name

When Elon Musk tweeted the name of his & Grimes’ baby boy “H X Æ A-12,” people weren’t sure if he was joking or not.
Thankfully, Grimes took to Twitter to reveal the meaning behind the unique name.

Unsurprisingly, the baby’s name is an intersection of art and tech. She broke down the name symbol by symbol, starting with ” X: “The unknown variable,” she explained. While Æ represents Grimes’ elven spelling of A.I. Lastly, A-12 signifies her and Musk’s “favorite aircraft,” a spy plane built for the C.I.A.
Honestly, when Grimes announced that she was pregnant, it was a given that the baby would be given the most futuristic name a human baby has ever had.
Unfortunately for the eccentric couple, TMZ has learned that California law does not permit names including numbers or symbols.

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