Best Ways to Stay Motivated On The Internship & Job Hunt

We’re in a very unique time because of the coronavirus and the quarantine restrictions we’re under. This has had a huge impact in regards to internship/ job opportunities. Many internships have been canceled and workers have been laid off from their jobs. So how exactly does one find the motivation to go back looking for these opportunities? Here are things you can do if you lose motivation concerning your internship/ job hunt.

Establish a plan

It’s so important to have a plan as to what jobs/ internships you’re going to apply for. It’s also essential to keep track of your applications and their deadlines and follow-up with them after they’re sent. You also don’t want to be applying to so many companies that you lose originality from your applications. Make sure you individualize your application to each company and emphasize why you truly want to work there.

Find a mentor for help


Sometimes it can feel overbearing if we’re doing everything by ourselves. You can friends or family for advice and a fresh perspective as you’re on your job/ internship search. Additionally, you can reach out to someone who’s in the same field as you are, or a similar one, for advice. Contact alumni from your school on LinkedIn. This is super helpful as these people have been in the same shoes that you’ve been in. You don’t have to directly ask for a job opportunity. You can use this to gain valuable insight into their job, work experience, and much more. I’ve learned so much from the informational interviews I’ve had, and they’ve been a great way to gain more about the field (marketing/ communications) I’ll be pursuing after college. The thing that made these interviews so valuable was that I wasn’t focused on getting a job opportunity out of the people that I’ve talked to. I wanted to learn as much from them that I could purely for the sake of learning more about the field and their experiences. Every professional has a different story as to how they’ve gotten up to the point where they are now in their careers, which shows how everyone has a different path when it comes to one’s career. 

Stop the comparisons

One of the worst things we can do is compare ourselves to others. This doesn’t only apply to every aspect of our lives, but especially when it comes to internships or jobs. It’s so easy to look at someone else and wonder how and/or why they got an opportunity that you feel like you should’ve gotten. If you do feel any sort of envy, don’t let that discourage you. Use that as motivation to look for opportunities for yourself. One thing I want to emphasize is that being bitter, jealous, or mean, towards someone else is going to do absolutely nothing to get you the job you want. It’s actually going to make matters worse. Everybody has a different path and if we all had the same, exact one, life would be so predictable and boring. Focus on yourself and what you can do to find an internship/job and you’re going to have it before you know it. Comparison is truly the thief of joy so don’t let it take yours.

Find motivation


There may be points in your job search where you feel disappointed or defeated. These are times where you’re going to have to find motivation to keep going despite of it. Yes, your motivation may just solely be based on the fact that you need an income or want experience from an internship, but ask yourself questions beyond that. Why do you want a job or internship in this field? What made you interested in it in the first place? Think back to why you have a passion for this field. The answers to these deeper questions is what’s going to keep you going when you lack motivation to search for these opportunities. 

Develop self-discipline

I truly think that motivation isn’t enough sometimes. There’s going to be days where you don’t feel motivated to look at job or internship opportunities. You might not want to fill out cover letters, applications, etc, but your self-discipline is what’s going to make you do it. A key aspect of self-discipline is focus. When you’re focused on your goal of getting a job or internship, you’ll make sure you’re getting done everything that has to in order to achieve this. So how exactly can you focus? You can improve your focus in several ways, but you have to be aware that focus is a muscle and that it can be built. If you tell yourself that you don’t have the ability to focus, then that’s going to limit your ability to do so. You have to know that you can learn to become more focused, which will help you stick to the work you need to get done in order to successfully fill out your applications and take the steps that are necessary to land a job.

Keep a positive attitude

It can be discouraging when you don’t hear back from a company who you applied to or get told that they won’t be moving forward with you for the position. It’s vital to not take these setbacks personally. If you get turned down for a position, apply to another one. Don’t let one rejection stop you. If you truly fit with a company, you’re going to get the position. One of my favorite sayings is, “What’s meant for you won’t pass you by.” I’ve seen this demonstrated so many times in my life. I truly believe that if you’re meant to get anything in life, for this case a job or internship, you’re going to get it if it’s truly meant for you. You might be saying, “Yeah right, I got turned down from an internship that was perfect for me.” How’d you know it was going to be perfect? It might’ve seemed that way, but you really don’t know how it would’ve turned out. You have to trust that there’s a better opportunity waiting for you because the truth is that there is. I can’t tell you how or why this works, but I know that it does. Some of the most successful celebrities, if not all of them, have been rejected before landing life-changing, valuable opportunities. This serves as a reminder to not let an internship rejection define you. You are so much more than that. There’s going to be a company that values you and your skills and they’ll choose you for their position. Your time will come and I hope you recognize it when it does.

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