Top 9 Tips for Acing Online Summer Classes

If you’re a college student, you’re probably done with your spring semester classes. It’s officially summer and you don’t have to worry about homework, projects, or tests, until the fall! This is unless you’ve decided to take summer classes. If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably reading it because you’re one of these people. Additionally, your summer classes may be online due to the ongoing pandemic, but not to worry. I learned from my past spring semester classes being moved online, ways that you can get As in your class(es) without stressing yourself out.

Set goals


One of the most important things before starting anything is setting goals. Ask yourself why you’re taking this class and what you want to get out of it. The reason behind establishing goals is that it’ll give you a sense of purpose for doing your work. If you don’t have a specific goal in mind, then it might be difficult to find the motivation to perform well in your class. This is because you’ll see no purpose in it as you haven’t established what you want to get out of it. No matter what this purpose is, it’s important to find one so that you can set up goals that align with it.

Take the course as seriously as you would an in-person course


It’s easy to take online courses not as seriously as in-person courses for numerous reasons. One is that you don’t physically have to be in a classroom. This environment allows us to be more likely to pay attention to the material that the professor is speaking about. To get the most out of your online summer class, take it as seriously as if you were attending the class in-person. By adopting this attitude, you’ll perform the same way as you regularly would and be less likely to slack in your work.

Take great notes


It can be tempting to just look through the material that your professors post online and not actively read and/ or learn the information, but this will only work against you. Get a notebook(s), specifically for your class(es). This will give you no excuse for not taking notes.

Manage your schedule


Since it’s summer, it may be tempting to get carried away with the fun activities you have planned and forget about your school responsibilities. The great thing is that you can still do these fun things and efficiently complete all your school responsibilities. You just have to effectively manage your time. A way to do this is to have a planner. You’ve probably heard about the importance of having a planner so many times, but I’m here to emphasize its importance. I’m definitely someone who has thought that I can remember every task or assignment without writing it down, but I’ve been proven wrong numerous times. Write down all your deadlines that are on your syllabus in a planner so you can keep track of everything due. Trust me, it’ll make your life a lot easier. It’ll also help you manage when you can hang out with your friends and family and when you have to set aside time to get your work done.

Hold yourself accountable


Nobody is going to hold you accountable for doing your work (well maybe if you’re slacking to the point where your professor contacts you about it), but you get the point. You have to hold yourself accountable to keep with all your deadlines regarding your assignments and tests. This is where the tip I mentioned about setting goals is so important because it’ll give you a reason for why you want to hold yourself accountable regarding your work.

Communicate with your professor


You might think that you don’t need to communicate with your professor outside of your online class (whether it’s synchronous or asynchronous) because it’s not like a typical class you have at school. You can still reach out and set up a time to speak with your professor if you have any questions regarding the course material. They’ll appreciate that you took the extra step to contact them in order to better understand the material that they’re teaching.

Establish a study space


Establish a space in your room or house that will specifically be for work. This was help set up boundaries so that you know that this space is a designated area for you to get your work done. Make your study space a lively and fun place to be! There are numerous ways to revamp your desk so make sure you do so so that you actually want to spend time in your study space.

Get rid of distractions


With spring semester classes being moved online, it seemed almost too easy to be overcome by distractions. Now with it being summer, giving in to distractions may seem inevitable. There are numerous things that can distract you from your schoolwork, but it’s up to you to make sure that you’re not overcome by these temptations. You can take countless measures to ensure you’re not distracted such as one is to turn off your phone notifications. You can even turn off your phone altogether if that works more for you. Another effective measure is to give yourself a shorter time frame to do your work. By doing this, it holds you more accountable to getting the work done as you’ve established a strict timeframe to do so. Overcoming distractions definitely isn’t easy, but you can do it. Read more about overcoming distractions here.

Take breaks


After all, it is summer. If you feel overwhelmed with work, take a break. This doesn’t necessarily mean to take a two-hour break (I’ve been guilty of doing this), but take at least a 10-15 minute one. This will free your mind from all the work you’ve been doing so you can efficiently come back to it with a fresh perspective.

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