Spotify Is Launching A Premium Plan For Couples

If you love music and currently love listening to Spotify, then this news is going to sound great to you. Spotify has decided to launch a premium plan for couples. Spotify is making it easier for couples who live together to split the cost of a premium membership while also merging their different music tastes. The company is debuting its newest subscription offering, Premium Duo, which costs $12.99 a month and allows two people who live together to share one plan while maintaining their own accounts.
Premium Duo includes everything that Spotify Premium users really enjoy. It includes a huge selection of music and podcasts that both listeners can listen to and enjoy uninterrupted. If you don’t have Spotify but live with a partner, Spotify is offering two people in the same household, a month of Spotify premium as a free trial before purchasing it for $12.99 a month. People who already have Spotify premium can switch to Premium Duo by accessing their account page on the Spotify website and changing their subscription.

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