Bored At The Beach? Try These 6 Activities

A beach is the epitome of relaxation; however, “relaxation” can quickly become “boredom”. Sure, tanning on a beach towel is enjoyable — but for how long? The summer sun is bearing down on you, your phone is overheating, and you are sick of talking to your family/friends… where to go? What to do? Check out these six activities and you will never be bored on the beach again!




This should always be your first option! The water provides a refreshing cool-down from the scorching hot sand and your sticky sweat. You can jump, dive, and ride the waves, all while participating in a beautiful beachy aesthetic. If you are feeling particularly wild, bring in a boogie board! You can rest your weight on the device and float wherever the water takes you. When you’re done, swim back into shore with the force of the waves behind you. You will go faster than you can imagine!

Truthfully, anything you can do on land you can *basically* do in the ocean: have a catch, sleep on a boogie board, tan… The water just makes it far more exciting!

Take a book

Summer Reading


Reading is my go-to! The beach is the best place to read — I will not change my mind on this. The waves crashing in the background, the sand between your toes, your mind lost in a fantasy novel: what could be better? If there were ever an environment that would encourage losing yourself in a book, it would certainly be the beach.

If you are wondering what to read this summer, check out this article here!

A Portable Game


Corn hole is a beach classic: a family-friendly competition that is neither strenuous nor childish. The game “Ladder Toss” is a bit more obscure, but consistent beach-goers have surely seen this game played. Similar to the corn hole, there are teams of two, both throwing an object towards its designated location for a specified set of points. Beach paddles are timeless and do not require too much space in your bag.

If none of those games sound appealing, bring a football, volleyball, baseball, frisbee, etc. and have a catch!

Collect seashells



If this one seems childish and trivial, try thinking outside the box. These seashells are potential home decor! Glass seashell-filled jars are beautiful — they add a taste of the beach to any room. You can also paint the larger seashells at your whim: a craft that is perfect for those rainy vacation days. You could make (and sell!) beaded bracelets with seashells; they are extremely trendy right now!

Seashells are more versatile than you would think. Get your toes a little wet and get hunting!

Go for a walk 

Walking on the Beach


So obvious, and yet, so underrated! Once again, you can dip your toes in the water, cooling off your whole body. You can get your steps in (always a plus!) and sight-see. You can walk to a jetty, an ice cream truck, a picture-esque dune. The possibilities are endless!

You never really know what the beach truly holds: you don’t know what’s going on beyond your beach spot. I once went for a beach walk and saw a huge horseshoe crab — and there, also looking at the crab, I met two lifelong friends. The beach is so vast — don’t limit yourself to just your “favorite” spot.

Use Metal Detector

Metal Detector


Imagine finding gold on the beach! While the likelihood of that is low, I’m willing to bet that you can find more than a few quarters using a metal detector. This device makes going to the beach an adventure! In particular, if you frequent a “busy” beach, you could find coins, earrings, watches — who knows! So, bust out the old metal detector and get adventuring!

If these ideas don’t tickle your fancy, my only recommendation would be to bring your favorite indoor activity to the beach. It’s all about adaptability — the beach is what you make of it.