Feeling Low on Confidence? Here Are Some Ways You Can Build It 

It doesn’t matter how many inspiring and confidence-building Instagram accounts you look at when you’re feeling low on confidence; it feels like the end of the world. Not even Instagram can save you. It’s totally normal, though. Everyone goes through it.

In every walk of life, people around the globe credit their successes and their sense of self to their confidence. Without feeling confident – and essentially believing in yourself – things can feel like a struggle at times. Whether it’s a huge upcoming job interview or a dreaded social gathering, if you’re feeling low on confidence and doubting yourself, such obligations can be a massive mental burden and potentially lead to further mental health issues down the line.

Building up confidence can be a complex and tricky thing to achieve, but on the whole, it’s linked to choices and accomplishments. If you feed them, then you’ll feel happy about yourself and therefore feel more confident and proud of who you are. So, with that in mind, here are some great ways you can build your confidence up.

Complete small activities 

Getting things done might seem like an easy thing to do, but when you’re low on confidence, even the simplest of tasks can feel like a huge chore. Set yourself small goals, smash them and then consider making those goals even bigger. For example, start with setting day-to-day goals such as doing some exercise or relaxing with a book to read and luck of the Irish slot machine game. Then, as you meet those small goals, you’ll feel happy setting bigger targets, such as weekly and monthly goals. Be patient, take your time, and you’ll get there. Set a goal for yourself and go and smash it!

Monitor your progress

Keeping track of your progress, be it small or big, is more than worthwhile. Whether you’re striving to lose a few pounds or building a shed in the garden, the best and only way you can assess your progress is by monitoring it. Not only will monitoring it, keep you on track, but it will also help you to stay motivated and in the know with exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve. It’s easy to lose sight of your goals, so to keep focussed and be ready to complete them, you need to stay on top of it and monitor exactly what it is you’re doing.


Make sure you’re doing the right thing 

Most confident people make a decision based on a value system, so their actions and decisions define their character. If you’re making the right choices in life which are enabling you to be the best person you can be, then you’ll feel confident and happy in anything that you do. If you aren’t sure about the path you’re taking or a decision that you’ve made, then take a step back, assess whether or not this particular choice will help you, and then carry it out or drop it depending on your preference. You might, for example, have a short-term sacrifice to make for a long-term gain, but you’re struggling to take the leap. Focus on the end goal and use it as your motivation.


Don’t care what others think 

A key aspect of many people’s loss of confidence is down to their obsession with what other people might think. Whether it’s a job rejection or a disastrous date, any sort of negative feedback must be ignored. You must be resolute and stay on track. If you think you can do something, then you can do it. People can be wrong.

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