5 Tips for Prepping for Your ACT Test

Are you planning to take up your ACT test any time soon? Does that scare the hell out of you? Worry not; I’ve got the best solution for you to make sure that you ace this test. It might not be as intimidating as you think if you take your time to plan and prepare early in advance. So, how do you go about this?

Let’s get right into it.

Tips for Prepping for your ACT Test

As a high school student seeking to join the college of your dreams, you ought to make sure that you have what it takes to pass the ACT exam. This means that you have to go an extra mile as you prepare for this crucial test. Being properly and adequately prepared helps you approach the test with utmost confidence.

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Here are some of the top tips for prepping for your ACT test.

1. Work on your weak points

Have it in mind that this is your only chance to get into your university of choice. Therefore, you ought to properly study for this test. The best way to do this is to find out all the areas in essay writing that you are weak in and start improving on those.

You cannot improve on what you already are good at; you only seek to be better at what you struggle with. This helps you better your results, thus increasing your chances of getting into your college of choice. The art of perfecting what you are poor at is very crucial for this test. Know exactly what you are not good at and work on it beforehand.

2. Improve your writing speed

There is nothing more important than learning to finish your test on time. ACTs are divided into sections, which are timed. So, you ought to ensure that you have completed the questions asked within the allocated time.

On this note, working on your writing speed is a preparation that you ought to make. In some of the Magoosh ACT reviews it is emphasized that it is important to be being speedy in your writing for this test. Finishing your work in good time also allows you adequate time to proofread and edit any mistakes therein. Practice being quick and simultaneously calm.

3. Get all the help you can get

Before taking up this test, make sure that you are confident enough. The only way you can get enough self-confidence is by ensuring that you are adequately prepared. Spend this time seeking advice and assistance from your tutor and brilliant pals.

This helps you sharpen your skills and clarify issues you may not properly understand. It helps you understand how to best approach this test and which areas to mostly focus on. It gives you some degree of readiness and sureness to tackle the paper.

4. Time management

This tip actually applies to both studying for the test and actually taking the test. As you study, you may also want to learn how to efficiently utilize your time. You must be very disciplined when it comes to time when prepping for your ACTs.

Stick to your study plan at all times and regularly time yourself and see how fast you can tackle the test. As you study, always have your college of dreams in mind. This will help you remain focused and motivated during your lazy, overexcited or discouraging days.

5. Be mentally and physically fit

There are some students who will strain their mental and physical state, trying to revise and perfect their skills before the test. In as much as you need to prepare adequately, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The only thing this does is mess with your physical and mental state such that whatever you read doesn’t help you so much.

The best thing to do is go back to the basics: always get enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise often and regularly. This ensures that your brain is healthy and ready to take in any sort of information that you read. By so doing, you get to retain most of what you study as you prepare for the test.


Getting into the college of dreams is not an easy task. You have to work really hard to realize the dream. For this reason, you need a strategy to study for your ACTs as the results determine which college you will join, and how your first year there goes.

The above tips will help you determine how to go about prepping for this test and how to get the best results you can. Abide by them and everything else will fall into place, effortlessly.

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