The Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Ever

When celebrity couples get a divorce, there are more than broken hearts. Typically, celebrity divorces are super expensive and cost millions and sometimes billions of dollars.

The most expensive divorce will most likely be Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and novelist MacKenzie Bezos. Jeff is the wealthiest man in the world, and it’s uncertain if they have a pre-nuptial agreement. There is a chance MacKenzie could walk away with multi-billions.

Many of the divorces on this list are the result of infidelity and irreconcilable differences. Some affairs led to another marriage, secret children and lots of drama.

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Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Bezos divorce settlement price

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Jeff & Mackenzie Bezos

$68.5 billion

Jeff Bezos was the richest man in the world in 2018, but thanks to his divorce to Mackenzie Bezos he will be knocked down a few spots to number seven alongside his ex-wife.

The Bezos are from Washington, which is a state that splits marital assets in half during divorces. It’s unclear if the couple has a pre-nuptial or postnuptial agreement which would override the state’s law. Jeff’s net worth is estimated over $137 billion, so Mackenzie could potentially receive $68.5 billion in their divorce settlement.

The couple met in New York City and were married in 1993 and were married for 25 years. They have four children together.

Rupert Murdoch and Anna Torv divorce settlement

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Rupert & Anna Murdoch

$1.7 billion

After 32 years of marriage, Rupert and Anna Murdoch got divorced in 1999. Rupert had to give Anna $1.7 billion in their divorce settlement. Of the $1.7 billion in assets, Rupert gave $110 million of it in cash, according to ABC News.

Their divorce was bitter and only 17 days after it was finalized Rupert got remarried to Wendi Deng. Years later, Anna said that Rupert had an affair with Deng during their marriage, but he denied his ex-wife’s accusations.

Rupert and Deng divorced in 2013. Rupert then married model Jerry Hall in 2016. Hall is his fourth wife and is on this list for her marriage to Mick Jagger.

Rupert and Anna were married in 1967 and have three children together.

Mel Gibson Robyn Moore divorce settlement


Mel Gibson & Robyn Moore

$425 million

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore were married for over 31 years before their expensive divorce in 2009. The couple was separated in 2006 right after Gibson was arrested for a DUI in Malibu and his anti-Semitic rant.

Gibson and Moore didn’t have a prenup in place so Moore would receive half of everything Gibson earned during their 31 years of marriage. Moore received half of Gibson’s earnings, which is estimated to be $425 million. It’s the biggest divorce payout in Hollywood.

Gibson and Moore have seven children together and were married in 1980.

Robert L Johnson and Sheila Johnson divorce settlement BET

Alberto Reyes/

Robert & Sheila Johnson

$400 million

Robert and Sheila Johnson were married from 1969 to 2002. During their 33 years of marriage, the Johnsons co-founded BET and sold it to Viacom for $3 billion in 2001. Robert stayed as BET’s CEO until 2006.

In 2002, Sheila and Robert got divorced. During the divorce, Sheila walked away with an estimate of $400 million. Robert was the first African-American billionaire, and Sheila became the first female African-American billionaire. Sheila became a billionaire after her divorce.

In Brett Pulley’s book, The Billion Dollar BET, Sheila said that Robert had two affairs and one lasted three years. They have two children together.

Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan divorce settlement

Juanita Jordan, Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Jordan | WENN/ Axel Grousset

Michael & Juanita Jordan

$168 million

NBA star Michael Jordan and his wife Juanita divorced in 2006. The couple married in September 1989 and have three children together, Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine.

Juanita filed for divorce for the first time in 2002 citing irreconcilable differences. Juanita filed for full custody of their three children, half of their marital property and their mansion in Highland Park, Illinois.

The couple reconciled shortly after and they stayed together. Four years later they re-filed for divorce in 2006 and stated it was a mutual decision. Juanita received a $168 million settlement.

Neil Diamond divorce Marcia Murphey settlement


Neil Diamond & Marcia Murphey

$150 million

Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey divorced in March 1995 after 25 years of marriage. The couple didn’t have a prenup and Murphey would receive half of Diamond’s $300 million estates.

Diamond and Murphey have two sons together, Jesse and Micah. Diamond told People that he always felt guilty about the failure of their marriage.

Roughly 20 years later Diamond claims that Murphey didn’t receive $150 million from their divorce. “She got enough to live on for the rest of her life,” he told Daily Mail.

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison divorce settlement


Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison

Between $85 million and $118 million

Actor Harrison Ford and screenwriter Melissa Mathison were together for 17 years before calling it quits. The first met in 1979 on the set of Apocalypse Now.

The couple separated in 2000 after 17 years of marriage. “We have been living apart for the past month,” their statement read. “We sincerely hope that we work out our differences.”

Rumors that Ford cheated on Mathison fueled their divorce. Ford’s manager said that the cheating rumors triggered their separation, but the couple denied there was infidelity.

They were divorced in 2003, and Mathison received an estimate of $85 million to $118 million.

Mathison died in 2015.

Tiger Woods divorce Elin Nordegren settlement

Rob Rich/

Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren

Between $100 million and $110 million

Professional golfer Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren’s marriage came crumbling down in 2009. The tabloids were publishing stories about Woods multiple infidelities, and then Woods crashed his Escalade into a tree outside of his house. Nordegren famously chased Woods out of the Orlando, Florida mansion with a golf club.

In 2010 the couple announced their divorce after six years of marriage. Nordegren received an estimate of $100 million to $110 million from their divorce.

They have two kids together, Sam and Charlie.

Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving divorce settlement

Adriana M. Barraza/Joseph Marzullo/

Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving

$100 million

Director Steven Spielberg and actress Amy Irving had a long history before getting a divorce in 1989. They first met in 1976 and began dating. They broke up three years later to only reconcile in 1984. They got married a year later. Four years of marriage and one child later, they got a divorce.

Irving told the Los Angeles Times that their careers got in the way. “During my marriage to Steven, I felt like a politician’s wife,” she told the publication. “There were certain things expected of me that definitely weren’t me.”

Irving says that their divorce was amicable and that she received $100 million in settlement money. A California judge refused to recognize the couple’s prenup agreement that was written on a napkin and not properly filed legally.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorce settlement and custody

Dimitri Halkidis/WENN

Madonna & Guy Ritchie

Between $76 million and $92 million

Singer Madonna and director Guy Ritchie first met in 1998 and were married two years later in 2000. Eight years later Madonna filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

Madonna’s spokesperson announced that she and Ritchie agreed on a divorce settlement that granted him between $76-$92 million, their London pub and their Wiltshire estate. They have joint custody over their kids, Rocco and David. They split their time between their dad’s house in London and their mom’s place in New York City.

Madonna later said that the spark died from their relationship.

Kevin Costner and ex-wife Cindy Silva divorce settlement


Kevin Costner & Cindy Silva

$80 million

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva met while studying at California State University, Fullerton in 1975. They were married in 1978 and divorced 16 years later in 1994.

Supposedly Costner’s fame and career got in the way of their marriage. She wasn’t a fan of his sexy roles, and Costner allegedly had a wandering eye. Silva supposedly gave him an ultimatum to quit the movie business or get a divorce.

Silva got $80 million in their divorce settlement.

They have three kids together, Anne, Lily and Joseph.

James Cameron and Linda Hamilton divorce settlement


James Cameron & Linda Hamilton

$50 million

Director James Cameron and actress Linda Hamilton began dating in 1991 and were married in 1997. Only eight months after they were married the couple separated. They announced their separation after Cameron won Oscars for Titanic.

According to Hamilton, the film’s success put more strain on their marriage.

“The parading around, the lunches, the stress of being with Jim during the Titanic days – for years I could barely get make-up on, I was shaking so hard, because every damn award show we had was terrible,” Hamilton said about their marriage after Titanic came out.

Hamilton later revealed the main reason why they got divorced was that Cameron cheated on her with Suzy Amis while they were married. In their divorce settlement, Hamilton was awarded $50 million.

Paul McCartney and ex-wife Heather Mills divorce settlement


Paul McCartney & Heather Mills

$48.6 million

In 2002, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills got married. Their relationship was always dramatic and riddled with gossip and fights. She didn’t like Paul’s daughter, Stella, from his first marriage. Heather claims Stella tried to break up their marriage many times.

Mills says the couple just fell out of love and got divorced. The media vilified Mills during their divorce, and she said she had endured “18 months of abuse, worse than a murderer or pedophile.”

They separated in 2006 and were officially divorced in 2008. During the divorce settlement, Mills asked for $251 million while McCartney proposed $31.6 million. The judge settled and granted Mills a $48.6 million settlement.

Michael Douglas and ex-wife Diandra Douglas divorce settlement


Michael Douglas & Diandra Douglas

$45 million

Michael Douglas married Diandra Douglas in March 1977. At the time of their wedding, Michael was 32-years-old and Diandra was 19. The couple was married for 23 years before Diandra filed for divorce in 1995. She was awarded $45 million in their settlement.

Michael said that he and Diandra should have ended their marriage 10 years earlier because they weren’t solving their marital issues.

They have a son together. Their son Cameron is an addict and has faced prison time for his drug abuse and distribution. He served seven years behind bars and was released from prison in August 2016.

Ted Danson and Casey Coates divorce settlement

Tony Forte/WENN

Ted Danson & Casey Coates

$30 million

Actor Ted Danson and producer Casey Coates were married in 1977. They have two children together, Kate and Alexis. Their marriage ended in divorce thanks to Danson’s infidelity. He had an affair with actress Whoopi Goldberg.

His affair with Goldberg started in 1992 and lasted a year. They first met in 1988 on The Arsenio Hall Show. While making Made in America they began their affair.

His relationship with Goldberg and marriage to Coates both ended in 1993.

Danson was ordered to give Coates a whopping $30 million in their divorce settlement.

Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer divorce settlement

Joseph Marzullo/

Kelsey & Camille Grammer

$30 million

Actor Kesley Grammer and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer were married for 14 years before calling it quits.

The couple met on a blind date in 1996 and were married a year later. Kelsey and Camille have two kids together, Mason and Jude.

The end of their marriage was well documented on RHOBH season 1 and 2.  They officially divorced in 2011 and two weeks after their divorce Kelsey married Kayte Walsh.

Camille received $30 million from their settlement. In 2017, she was also awarded half of Kelsey’s 401K.

Lionel Richie and Diane Richie divorce settlement

Lionel & Diane Richie

$20 million

In 1986, Lionel and Diane Richie started their relationship while he was still married to his first wife, Brenda Harvey. In 1988 Harvey discovered his affair when she found the two t the Beverly Hills Hotel room together.

Harvey was later arrested and charged with corporal injury to a spouse, trespassing, vandalism, battery and disturbing the peace after she found Lionel at Diane’s apartment.

Diane and Lionel eventually married in 1995, and they have two kids together, Miles and Sofia. They were together for eight years before getting a divorce in 2003. In Diane’s alimony petition she reportedly asked for a monthly clothing allowance of $15,000 and plastic surgery budget of $20,000 a year. She won an estimated $20 million in the settlement.

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall divorce settlement

Jeff Grossman/Lia Toby/

Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall

Between $15 million and $20 million

In late 1977, Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall started dating. The couple wed in 1990, and nine years later Hall filed for a divorce. She discovered Jagger had a child with Brazilian model Luciana Morad. He also had an affair with Italian model Carla Bruni.

“All of our friends are the same friends, we like the same people,” Hall later said about Jagger. “So we got on great. Except [Jagger] slept with lots of other people, which was horrible. Otherwise, he was perfect.”

They were granted an annulment and Hall was gifted anywhere from $15 million to $20 million from their settlement.

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