This Week’s Gossip About SNL

Saturday Night Live is already making head waves with its 46th season opener being the second-largest premiere audience in 12 years. So, what is up with this week’s episode? You’re probably thinking nothing can top the season opener. But we are in store for all the tea happening behind-the-scenes of Saturday Night Live.

Now let’s talk about how musical guest, Morgan Wallen, was supposed to be a part of this week’s episode of SNL. He made a huge mistake and is getting a lot of backlash about it. If Wallen doesn’t sound familiar then go back to 2014 when he was a competitor on The Voice. According to sources at All Music, he became popular in 2017 when he collaborated with Florida Georgia Line song “Up Down”.

Anyways, Wallen broke Covid-19 protocols, for SNL bubble, after being seen partying in Alabama with fans. And of course pictures and videos were released on social media. On Wednesday, October 7th SNL decided to uninvite him.

Always A Party Animal

So, there are a lot of questions for Wallen. Why did Wallen decide to party without a mask? Well we may never know that answer, but he definitely is regretting the decision to party maskless now. Check out this video below him apologizing to fans, his crew, and SNL about his actions.

Mistakes Happen

Wallen, we all hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson in this. Alright, let’s move onto Maya Rudolph because she made an appearance on the season opener playing as Kamala Harris. And we all remember her reaction when she learned that Harris is Joe Biden’s running mate. If you do not remember then take a look at this article.

After the Vice Presidential Debate on October 7th, Rudolph is ready to be Harris for this week’s upcoming episode. Are you excited? If not then maybe this clip will help you get excited.

The VP of SNL

This clip definitely shows the similar looks between Harris and Rudolph, but we are all here for it. But is Rudolph excited as much as we are about her return to SNL? Well in this interview she says it feels strange but comforting. Watch below on her outlook on how things are being run behind-the-scenes at SNL.

A Strange But Comforting Place

During this interview, Rudolph says, “It’s her civic duty” referring to her role as Harris. So, friends, Rudolph is very excited to play her role on SNL. She also reminisces about her time as being a part of the cast of SNL, 21 years ago.

After Wallen partying up and getting remove from being a part of the episode to Rudolph embracing her role as Kamala Harris, we are in store for another over the top episode. At this time, SNL has not announced if there will be another musical guest for SNL this week, which is a bummer. Lastly, we will see if Bill Burr hosting skills match up to Chris Rock’s performance on the season opener. For more information on who’s hosting on SNL this season check out Refinery29.

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