Top Job Positions to Start Your Career in Online Gambling

Online gambling has become very popular around the world, and it is an industry worth dozens of billions of dollars. 

Its growth has been huge in the past decade. This was due to technological improvements over the years, with the number of mobile devices connected to the Internet being on an incredible rise.

And the casinos kept up with the technology. There are many traditional brick and mortar casinos around the world, and so are online casinos. The growth of the number of casino websites and apps matches the growth of the number of players. 

Because one thing leads to another, the wave of online gambling has contributed to the creation of countless essential casino jobs and positions which have to be filled.  

There are always plenty of job vacancies related to online casinos, and you can even start a career in online gambling if you match one of the many open positions available.

Here are the top job positions if you want to start a career in online gambling:

Game developer

The game developer is basically at the center of this industry. They create the animations, the sound effects and other features in a game, and are designing and producing the games.

A game developer collaborates with a game creator, and has the technical expertise to actually understand the vision of the creators and then implement it in the game.

To fill such a job, one has to own a computer science degree, or be a qualified and creative self-taught artist and technician. The job will require code writing too, which has to be implemented in the game’s features. An experienced game developer can earn more than double comparing to a beginner.


The security analyst will ensure the online casino security. This is as important as it sounds, as the analyst has to check out for any breaches and cyberthreats. Then, they have to keep the online casino secure.

A skilled analyst is very much appreciated and rewarded, also keeping the systems and software updated, as a part of building the casino’s security.

To fill for such a job, you will need a computer science degree, or a degree related to cybersecurity or information technology.

Casino dealer

A casino dealer is one of the most important figures in both traditional and online casinos. They have to interact with the players and make the entire experience as enjoyable as possible. A dealer will run the game and explain the rules to the new players. 

For example, they will have to know games like roulette, poker, baccarat, or blackjack. There are many excellent guides on the Internet on How to Play Blackjack, but sometimes that may not be enough. So here is where the casino dealer has to step in. They will also answer all the questions from the players and inform them about respecting all the rules. 

Account manager

The customer portfolio is very important for an online casino, so an account manager will have to maintain and improve it. 

The goal is to improve the relationship with the clients, and keep in place a policy that will attract more customers and, thus, greater revenue. Bringing new clients and maintaining the connections with the existing ones are essential for every business, especially casinos. 

To fill up this role, one must be skilled in account management, sales, and negotiation. 


One thing that online casinos brought on the market are the gambling blogs and web sites, used to bring all sorts of information to the new and existing players.

In this regard, a copywriter is needed to regularly update the content. Some of the skills required are creativity and excellent grammar, while a degree in communication or journalism represent a plus. Also, mastering SEO usage is needed when keeping all the content updated.

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