5 Excellent Ideas for Galentine’s (2021)

So, you’re single and feel lonely this Valentine’s Day. Not to worry though, there are other options. Tell me you wouldn’t love to get together with your closest friends and do something special together. Doesn’t that sound so nice? Who needs a relationship when you have good friends in your life? If you want to celebrate that love/friendship, here are some fun ideas so you can still have a fun Valentine’s Day this year. (If these don’t work for you, here are even more ideas here!)


Coffee Date

It never hurts to go to Starbucks or any local coffee shop will do! Getting together at a coffee shop, drinks, pastries, and good conversation! How can you go wrong?


Spa Day

Face masks, long baths, and getting your nails done, what else could be better? It will be a fun experience talking, painting everyone’s nails, doing each other’s hair, and feeling nice and refreshed.

Ice Cream Bar

There are so many options with this one! You can get different flavors of ice cream, everyone could bring their own toppings, and there could be cute little red, pink, and white ice cream bowls. There are so many fun possibilities!

Breakfast and Mimosas

How can you go wrong with such a classic? Getting up and having champagne with orange juice is a great way to start this day! Plus you get to hang out with all your girlfriends possibly getting waffles.

Hot Coco Bar (Or even making hot chocolate bombs!)

Okay, this one could be so fun! Plus you can pair it with popcorn and watch a movie. Sweet, savory, and fun! You can have everyone make their own hor chocolates and then watch everyone’s favorites movie. Even possibly making hot coco bombs from tik tok.


Hope some of these ideas help you have a fun Valentine’s day! You don’t always need a partner to have fun and feel loved. Use this time to love those around you and stay safe out there.