Has Online Gaming Become More Competitive in The Last Year?

A great way for any college-aged woman to stay entertained when not busy is playing games. While this might have been limited to fitting in a few hours on your favorite offline console or PC game in the past, modern gaming is very different. While offline console and PC play is still popular, online gaming has been steadily growing in popularity – especially in the last year. 

Whichever device you use to play these types of games on, they broadly fall into two main categories: video games and casino games. While online video gamers tend to use platforms such as Steam or Xbox Live, casino gamers head to safe internet casinos. The growth of this sector recently has led people to ask if it has become more competitive – but is this true? 

Has online gaming become more competitive recently? 

The overall popularity of online gaming has been building for a while, but it has taken off even more over the last year. This is because the preceding 12 months have seen an influx of new players into the online casino and video gaming sectors. The net result of this new flood of players has seen online gaming grow massively in the previous year and be on course to hit $196bn in revenue by 2022. When you compare this to offline video gameplay or play at land-based casinos, it is clear that online gaming is very competitive now. Whereas once it was the fairly niche little brother of offline or land-based play, it is now looking likely to overtake them soon.

Online casino industry – why has it grown so much?

There is no doubt that the last 12 months have seen internet casinos do very well on the whole and certainly better than their land-based counterparts. Of course, a lot of this comes down to regular players at land-based casinos not being able to game in their usual way during that period. With brick-and-mortar casinos shut, these players were forced to head online to play their favorite slots or table games. But is there more to the recent success of internet casinos than that? 

Looking at the steady growth of online casinos over the last five or 10 years, the answer would seem to be yes. The growing revenue figures certainly suggest that people were moving over anyway but have just done so in greater numbers recently. When you think about the convenience, range of games and accessibility that internet casinos offer, it is not hard to work out why. 

Playing games over the internet is also great if you do not want to risk any money. Modern online sweepstakes casinos give players the chance to have fun for free – which land-based casinos do not. For a full round-up of the best social casinos online, check out BonusSeeker.com today. 

What about online video games? 

Online video gaming has been building up in recent years in the same way as online casino play. Naturally, this type of online play was also given a boost in the last year as it made it simple for people to play games at home. As all you need is an internet connection and a console or PC, you can play top games without leaving the house. Online video games are also a great way to stay in touch with friends now, even if you cannot see them in person. In the last year, this was a big plus for many people who used online gaming as a way to chat with friends they could not physically meet.

There is no doubt that other recent developments within online gaming helped it compete more in the last 12 months. The launch of the online gaming platform Google Stadia in late 2019 helped grab lots of media attention, for example, while the rollout of 5G networks was great news for online mobile play. All these factors combined together have meant that video gaming online is a real competitor to more traditional forms of play. If you are looking for top video games for girls to try out, online is the place to go now.

Online gaming is set to soar again 

When you look at the jump in revenue for online gaming across the last year, it is clear that it is not only in great health but is also increasingly competitive. This makes it a real challenger to more traditional ways of enjoying casino or video games. With the world moving increasingly online, it seems that this will only become truer as we move forward.

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