Top 5 Best Ideas Of What To Wear For Easter: Style Guide

If you are spending time with family for Easter, you may want to stand out and really make a statement. Thankfully, this style guide is going to make sure you can style your clothing to really POP for this Easter. No matter your style, I hope you can find something in this style guide to really make people’s heads turn!

1. Wear Your Pastels

When it comes to Easter, of course, the first thing people are going to think of is pastels. Those are just statement colors for any Easter. Pastels go so well together that you can pretty much make a color combination with any pastel color. For example, you can pair blue and pink/orange, blue and green/yellow, and of course, purple and pink together. There are endless options and this is a good place to start stepping out of your comfort zone and mix colors that you usually wouldn’t.

2. Showstopping Heels

Now, when I mean showstopping heels, this is most likely going to be your pop of color in your outfit. You can wear any color heel and pair it with a neutral outfit. For example, if you are more laid back and want to wear some jeans with a basic shirt, you can pair them with any colored heel. This is also a way to slowly, but surely, get some attention!

3. Add Your Accessories

When it comes to accessories, you can never go wrong! You can add as many accessories as you want and it will pretty much always look good. No matter how many rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces you have, you can pair them all together and it will still look amazing! You can check out the top 5 accessories everyone should have in 2021 here! If you are struggling to find some accessories to wear, from hats to handbags, this top 5 will help you tremendously!

4. Add A Layer

Something that will help build your Easter is adding a layer, and by this, I’m talking more about a cardigan or jacket that will go well with the outfit of your choice. You can either wear a neutral layer like a jean jacket or just a neutral cardigan or if you are wanting to make a statement with your outfit, you can find a pastel (or even bright) jacket or cardigan that compliments your outfit! There are endless options when it comes to fashion, which is what makes creating outfits and styles so fun!

5. Wear A Dress Or Skirt

If you are not one to wear a dress or skirt, you can always wear what you are comfortable in, but wearing a dress or skirt is almost a go-to for many people. For Easter, people love dressing up, and this is an easy way to do so! You can wear suit pants if that is something you are more comfortable in or even dress up some jeans! Although, one way to really grab attention is wearing a dress or skirt if you usually aren’t one to be seen in something like that.