Top 15 Bikini Captions & Instagram Quotes For Your Fun In The Sun

After over a year of quarantining I know we are all anxious to get out in the sun and wear cute bikinis for hot girl summer. Whether you are just lounging by the pool or on a beach vacation. Your adventures will give you plenty of sweet moments worth sharing on Instagram and TikTok with these summer captions for weekend trips with your besties.

Beautiful girl hanging in a hammock on the beach


If you want to document your trip, consider starting with a quick clip of your #OOTD that includes a bikini top and jean shorts, or the iced coffee you drank while taking in the epic views. You can zoom into the trunk of your rented car that’s filled with beach towels, hats, sunglasses, and lots of alcohol if your over 21, or pretend you’re filming a vlog and chat to your followers about your itinerary.

Three women in big hats and on floaties in a swimming pool


Of course, photos you took on a disposable camera will also look adorable and adventurous on your feed. In a super artsy and ‘90s-inspired way, they’ll document the nights you spent hanging with your friends on the beach, or days you spent learning how to surf. These summer captions will be picture-perfect additions to those memories and show your followers the best summer with your BFFs. For all your adventures this summer I know you want the perfect Instagram captions. So here are 30 for you!

  1. living life
  2. these are the days we live for
  3. chasing the sun
  4. no titles, just vibes
  5. this senorita needs a margarita
  6. good times and tan lines
  7. vacay
  8. a bikini kinda life
  9. just another beach pic popping in your newsfeed
  10. blue sky, denim shorts, and a salty tan
  11. wild, barefoot, and free
  12. never ending fantasy
  13. big sunset girl
  14. me and my girls
  15. paradise
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