4 Hottest Nail Trends Summer 2021

Thinking about getting your nails done? You should get one of these four designs for this summer. The hottest summer 2021 nail art and color trends are in the realm of “subtle.” Nail technicians and at-home artists alike have spent lockdown perfecting their skills—which include illustrations that look like actual pieces of art, chrome manicures, cute tips, and so many different types of swirls. Now, if you’re like me I hate spending so much money on nails but I love getting my nails done. It definitely gives me the confidence boost that is always there but only comes out once in a while ha! So, if you are on a budget I highly recommend looking for nail techs in your local area that will do them from their house. I just got my nails done by this girl I found on Instagram that does nails for $20-$40 depending on what kind of manicure you do. Let me tell you, these look just as good if not better than going to a regular nail salon and cost me half/ less than half of what I normally pay. So do some research and go get your hot girl energy back.



Swirls are the biggest nail trend of 2021. They are so simplistic yet so aesthetically pleasing and fun. You can do any color scheme and different patterns of swirls and they always turn out so good.🤤 I recently did swirls but just very basic one hand white and one hand black which was to die for. I loved them and will definitely be doing some color combinations like these soon. I do recommend finding a good nail salon or nail tech to do these because it is very precise lines and you want them to look really good. When it comes to length everyone has their preferable styles but summertime is the best time to switch it up for a change. I just tried this almond shape for the first time with “tip and dip” and I absolutely loved them. Very glad I tried something new and now I’m going to be switching between that and my all-time favorite coffin shape.



Chrome nails are definitely the ones to try this summer if you haven’t yet. They are so simple yet so fun and different. I personally love the silver/ rainbow chrome and have done this color twice now because it just looks that good. I have also seen gold, rose gold, and pink chrome colors and they all look really nice. For this color, a lot of nail salons don’t have it so be sure to call and ask before you go. That way you don’t waste time and money going there and then ending up paying a lot for something you only partially like. Let me tell you how many times that has happened to either myself or someone I was with haha! It sucks I know we have all been there so do your research, it never hurts to call and ask!


Colorful French Tips

Colorful french tips are so chic and simplistic. If you haven’t tried these nails yet, these would be so cute and simple for your post-covid vacay this summer! I haven’t done these nails yet but I definitely am going to for my summer vacation next month. You can do any colors and any style of french tips and they will always turn out so good. With this style of nails, you can probably just go to your average nail salon and they will turn out really good. However, as I said in the beginning you might as well save money for such a simple design and find someone local through social media or friends. Since quarantine, a lot of people got really good at nail art and are making their own little side businesses. So go get your rainbow french tips for $20 and make a new friend!🙋🏻‍♀️


Modern Artistic Lines

Clean, simple, modern lines make you feel so good. This trend of nail “subtleness” is very interesting because there is something about it that is so refreshing and makes you feel so good. I personally love this nail trend and am looking forward to doing this style. I need to let my nails heal and get stronger from my last chrome acrylic set. This pattern is so cool because you can make it however simple or complicated as you want. You could just do simple nude and black lines or white with some neon colors. The possibilities are endless and that’s what makes nails so fun! My advice to you is to always look on Pinterest for cool nail inspiration. My nail Pinterest board has so many pins you don’t even want to know.😂 Try asking friends and family if they know anyone who is doing nails, look on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook even. I hope you try all these amazing nail trends this summer because it is officially hot girl summer and it’s time for you to be your best, true self!