5 Things You Need In Your Dorm Room

It’s the biggest and best change you will make in your life, going to college! We all know us girls plan and dream about this day our whole lives. I know I was gathering little things for my dorm room even during my junior year of high school haha! No matter how you are gonna decorate your dorm room here are 5 things to make it better!


Adhesive Phone Wallet

Adhesive phone case wallets are so nice to have because you will be taking your phone everywhere with you freshman year. Sometimes it’s too much to bring a purse especially during the first week when you’re going everywhere meeting people. I had one with my college logo and colors on it and loved it! Here is a custom one I found on Etsy for $6, you can customize it to be your college with their letters and colors or a cute pattern maybe with your sorority on it.


Honeywell Table Air Circulator Fan

One thing many people don’t know is that a lot of dorm rooms don’t have air conditioning and when you move in it will most likely be during August or September which are some of the hottest months. You will be needing a fan to keep you cool and maybe even to help you sleep. I have slept with a fan all throughout college because your neighbors are always loud and it is hot a lot of the time haha. Here is one I found at Target for $14.99.


Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle, 17 Ounce, .5 Liter, White

You need a kettle in your life trust me haha! It is so great for your dorm room to make food or drinks. I don’t know about you but I love drinking coffee, hot chocolate, and chai so this is so nice to have ready all the time. It heats up so fast and it really easy to use. I found this one off of Amazon for $29.99. It is so worth it and once you buy one you can use it for the next 4+ years! If you don’t get an electric kettle I also recommend getting a mini keriug.


Bluetooth Portable Speaker

You need a little Bluetooth portable speaker for your dorm room. It is one of those little things you forget about till your getting ready to go out with your friends and you want to jam to music but don’t have a speaker. I love JBL speakers, they are always such good quality and last a long time. I highly recommend getting the big ones but if you don’t want to spend too much money this little JBL GO 2 is $39.99 at Best Buy.


Pillow Slides Slippers

Lastly, I highly recommend getting some comfortable slippers you can wear in your dorm. These are so cute and very trendy right now. They are from Amazon and are only $19.99. You are going to be hanging out with a lot of other people in your dorm room and probably don’t want to waste time and being uncomfortable in shoes so just wear these all over your dorm. Sometimes you might have to run down to the front desk so it would be nice to just have a pair of shoes to slip on. Check out my article on 8 Trendy Amazon Summer Finds so you are looking good when you first move. Good luck and have fun getting ready for college!

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